So now I'm accused of verbally attacking by just saying what I believe.

I'm sooo confused on what to do. My mother in-law was visiting and discussing her beliefs and was shocked that I am an atheist. I tried explaining my views and thought we were having a nice conversation. She has now accused me of verbally attacking her and most of my family has taken her side and made me an outcast. what I find strange is all I did was say what I believed. We both really got along before this and she thought a lot of me. now I am a lost soul who has no morals and should not have a family along with killing myself because I have no purpose. This is all sooo insane and I'm at a loss how to deal with this. she wont even talk to me until I accept jesus for christs sake. GOD I HATE RELIGION

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One more dick who doesn't know shit from Shinola.  Just as well he's gone.

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No one "knows" there is an afterlife.  Many people hope really really hard that there is, but they can't possibly "know."

And most of what they think they "know" is based on self-induced  DMT hallucinations which are about as admissible as evidence as the dream I had last night.  Sadly, you can't tell them that.

There's no arguing with such people, Mindy.  They're convinced that their subjective experience MUST be universal, and therefore is a fixed and viable quantity.

Your time is better spent elsewhere.

Oh Yes! It is all too familiar: speak your truth and receive criticism, put-downs, discounts, trivializations, disregard,  and faultfinding. Next comes blaming, accusing, bribing, indicting, and censuring. These all attempt to influence you to shut your mouth and stop thinking; they result in toxic relationships. 

You wrote:

"now I am a lost soul who has no morals and should not have a family along with killing myself because I have no purpose."

Who says? Where do they get their authority? Is their belief system based on Stone Age beliefs and faith in Bronze Age dogma? How do you benefit by acquiescing to their demands? Why are you willing to tolerate such bindings on your mind? 

To be a mentally healthy, mature, adult human being, you have to give up childish thinking and begin thinking for yourself, making decisions that lead to healthy relationships.

"This is a very brief look at some of the most common arguments for the existence of a god, originally written in brochure form, and appearing as chapter 17 in Losing Faith In Faith: From Preacher To Atheist. Links have been added to this online version to articles that go into greater depth."

Refuting God Freedom From Religion Foundation

Life is a journey, Not a destination.

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This is a typical tactic when believers feel threatened by thinking. Like Homer Simpson's "Quick, turn on the TV before I start thinking!", they refuse to acknowledge any dissonance in their puny little minds. If you can stand yourself afterward, tell her she's right. But THEY are in the wrong here, not you. Don't give in. Keep telling them what you think whenever they bring this bullshit up. Try to be polite, of course, but not if by doing so you feel like a wimp. Do you have to be around them very much? If not, ignore them. I hope your wife isn't against you, because that just means she never really grew up and cut the apron strings, so to speak. I know how touchy this kind of situation can be. Mothers-in-law can destroy marriages, and yours looks like she wants her daughter back. In fact, she may be using this simply as an excuse to have her daughter dump you. But don't despond. If you need to, get counseling from a therapist you know isn't a believer, and try to get your wife to come along with you. Good luck. I was there, too. Luckily my husband isn't much for God, either.


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