My father has always been religious, but for the most part encouraged me to find my own thing.  Recently he has been getting more religious and outspoken about it.  The other day he and my step-mom were over, and as they were leaving I heard my dad say to my 7 year old daughter: "What?  You don't really think we're monkeys, do you?"  My daughter replied "We're not really monkeys, we are type of ape like chimps and gorillas." "Then why are there still chimps and gorillas?"  " Because we didn't come from chimps and gorillas.  Chimps, gorillas and people came from a different animal.  Like me and *insert cousins' names here*"


That stopped me dad on his track, I was smiling from ear to ear.  I wonder what my dad thought when his argument was dismantled by a 7 year old.

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She is amazing!!!!!  I love it when kids show they are smarter than adults.
Excellent response. I must say that you are doing/have done a wonderful job in nourishing her curiosity and interest in science. If more parents did this, society in general would be a hell of a lot better and smarter.




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