So that's why Kerry, McCain etc.. had Vietnam exp. yet Cheney/Bush n Romney did not...

Why u ask? Well surely daddy's$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$~
Well, big-oil had a lot to do w/'deferment' of their tours.. but Romney .. maybe same shit?
Different 'i am a god' flavor? sheesh.. lame all around lame. White collar to black collar crimes abound:

feds gonna get u though; like all theocracies.

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Good post.  You write about something that has pissed my off my whole life.  I went to Catholic high school with Rudy Guiliani.  We were both born in Brooklyn in the summer of 1944.  I was in the graduating class of NYU 1966; he in the 1965 class at Manhattan College. 

I got drafted, he didn't.  The reason: on graduating from NYU Law School he became an assistant NYC prosecutor.  He got his boss, some judge, to write a letter to the SSS stating how indispensible he was to the judicial system.  He fuckin' draft almost ruined my life (it's a long story), for Rudy it was nothing to worry about. 

Now there’s talk about his running for VP. 

(Hey, click on that attractive ad on the right about an atheist novel. Let me tell everybody it's a great read.  I know so personally.) 


Mitt Romney is George Romney's kid, as surely as Dubya is G. H. W. Bush's kid.  Both families are rich as fuck and similarly privileged.  I'm in the process of reading Dan Rather's Rather Outspoken, and among other things, he outlines the whole process of what happened with Bush, Junior and the Texas Air National Guard ... and what DIDN'T happen ... and in both his and Mitt's case, the story can be summed up in two words:

Money talks.

No, not really.  Was I supposed to be?

What the article did not even mention is that George W. Bush cheated on his Air National Guard service to go politicking with his dad.  They doctored the records at the air base he was supposed to report into.  These people give chicken hawks a bad name.

James, I haven't hear the term in a while.  In NYC slang, "chicken hawk" means a person who uses children in the same way that pimps use street walkers and hookers.

Are you implying that the 43rd president of the United States is more depraved and vile than a child molester?  I'll have you know that the man prays to God Almighty every day, and even goes to church every once in a while. 



"Chicken hawk" is hardly the appropriate term.  "Chicken shit" is FAR more like it!

Let's not confuse NYC street slang.  "Chicken hawk" refers to a purveyor of underage human flesh to use for sexual exploitation.  “Chicken shit” refers to cowardly, chicken-hearted or spineless.

President Bush was certainly brave and heroic when it came to sending the nation’s unemployed, idealistic youth to face the dangers of IEDs, snipers, and suicide bombers of Iraq and Afghanistan.  

It takes balls to do that too, ya know.



I beg your pardon! What does being a man who says prayers to God Almighty every day and even goes to church every once in a while have to do with being an honorable, dependable, and responsible human being? 

Haven't you heard, Joan?  If you believe in god, you are automatically elevated to the status of being absolutely and unquestionably honorable, dependable and respectable ... just like Adolf Hitler was in his pursuit of an honorable, respectable, dependable and utterly CHRISTIAN Reich!

Gott Mit Uns!

Oh! How could I forget? Memory going, you know. 

Did I say that, moi? 

Joan, c'mon it's funny to think that anybody could be stupid and naive enough to think that praying and going to church makes you a good person.

But I guess there really are people gullible enough to believe it, or the scoundrel wouldn't have gotten elected in the first place. 


I know, you were pulling my leg and I was pulling yours. I'm not good at trying to be funny. Sorry. I should leave the jokes to those better at it. 




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