So that's why Kerry, McCain etc.. had Vietnam exp. yet Cheney/Bush n Romney did not...

Why u ask? Well surely daddy's$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$~
Well, big-oil had a lot to do w/'deferment' of their tours.. but Romney .. maybe same shit?
Different 'i am a god' flavor? sheesh.. lame all around lame. White collar to black collar crimes abound:

feds gonna get u though; like all theocracies.

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wiki on  chickenhawk.  James used the right colloquialism.  Chickenhawk (also chicken hawk and chicken-hawk) is a political epithet used in the United States as ad hominem argument to criticize somebody who strongly supports a war or other military action (i.e., a War Hawk), yet who actively avoided military service when of age

Personally, I'll stick with Henry Cabot Henhouse ... or as you may know him better:

Super Chicken!

"You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred!"

Thanks for the clarification, Biped.  I did say I was using the traditional NYC slang definitions—totally inappropriate to the context of the post.

William Bennett, the drug czar, would be a good example of your definition.  Hawkish as heel but where was he when it was his turn?  The War on Drugs is such a failure I don't know how his sonofagun can live with himself.  This country has more people in jail that all the countries of the world combined, something like 1.3 million. 

It's like out of 1984 where behavior was the opposite of that which was stated or declared.  The Ministry of Truth was where they doctored historical records.  MiniPax was where they planned warfare.  Bennett wrote a book on virtue and goes out and blows four million on Internet gambling.




Just to complete the theme, Warhawk: 

It's not merely money.  John Kerry didn't exactly come from a poor family, yet he served in the military, evidently with distinction.  Somehow his record got smeared and he was made to appear as a hypocrite with poor judgment and insufficient experience to serve as commander in chief.  Meanwhile, his draft-dodging opponent was our "war president".

Somehow democrats who serve in the military get painted as spineless saps, while republicans who don't serve in the military are successfully portrayed as principled, disciplined men able to command our armed forces and willing to deploy them only in the instance of dire necessity.  What gives?  It's almost as if not being qualified is itself the highest qualification!

In the case of John Kerry, it was the case of money vs. MORE MONEY, and money determined to RUIN someone who ran in opposition to those who held money and did not like the message carried by Senator Kerry.

This is money cast as a club, an unthinking weapon, wielded indiscriminately against those who do not agree with he who carries said club.  It is why "Citizen's United" is a travesty of constitutional law and why it must ultimately be defeated if a United States under a constitution which cares to deal not just with rich people or poor people but ALL THE PEOPLE is to survive at all.

I wonder if we will ever see "Citizen's United disbanded? 

It's almost as if not being qualified is itself the highest qualification!-  Good point.  I would not want to say that being a veteran makes someone a good president (Nixon?) or not being a veteran makes someone a bad president, but the Chicken Hawk theme has some validity.


My personal experience is that, when I enlisted, we were a nation at war.  Although I did not fight in that war, I did experience violence overseas.  So I don't know war, and am glad for that, but I do feel empathy for what our recruits experience, and I know the value of their lives.  I voted for Obama over McCain, even though McCain is a veteran and Obama is not, because I felt that Obama was much more qualified to be president, because he was clearly more intelligent, and McCain sold out to the fringe right wing with his VP selection of a proudly ignorant, puppeteer-ready, Dan Quayle clone in a dress, which would have put the country in far more grave danger if elected & McCain became incapacitated.  Obama promised to get us out of the unnecessary wars, which hasn't been fully realized but is closer.  Romney, like Bush, as Little Lord Fauntleroy / president of the US is not as frightening as McCain/Palin, but is still pretty depressing.

"fuckin' draft almost ruined my life (it's a long story), for Rudy it was nothing to worry about." War does things to people and it sounds like our life had negative impacts on you. Would you go so far as to say you are anti-preemptive war? I can see when war is an honorable endeavor, and I would support it to free people from slavery, but not the kinds of wars we have been engaged in for the past 50 years. We send our young people off to the slaughter and offer meaningless salutes when they come home dead, maimed, mentally crippled or have lost an opportunity to live in  peace.  Lost opportunity! That is a big price to pay.  




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