So that's why the universe has matter: helping explain the matter/antimatter imbalance

A New Clue to Explain Existence

I'm sure not all of you are up on the matter/anti-matter imbalance question, so here's the short version (I'm a biologist, not a physicist, so feel free to clarify if you have better knowledge):

Current theory states that when you make matter from energy you tend to get an equal mix of matter and anti-matter. However, matter and anti-matter annihilate each other back into pure energy. So why is there any matter left after the Big bang?

Well, maybe it has to do with reaction like these mesons. Apparently you end up with just a little bit more matter than anti-matter. Is the difference big enough to explain the current universe? No, but maybe it leads the way into a new understanding of physics.

Go ahead and push the god of the gaps to a smaller gap.

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haha"god of gaps" I know enough to be curios, have you listend to "Naked Astrology" ? find it in iTunes, good stuff.
I think it's 'Naked Astronomy' Bryan; being about actual science rather than new age woo woo, that's the only one I can find anyway, they're researchers from cambridge university.
lol what the heck was my brain thinking. O wait, it wasn't
Joe Lykken, a theorist at Fermilab, said, “So I would not say that this announcement is the equivalent of seeing the face of God, but it might turn out to be the toe of God.”

I like Einstein gags as muchas the next geek, but could physicists please stop doing this when journalists are around? It's not helping.
I know, I was going to say something about it in the original post, but the science behind the story caught my attention more.
But you do have to admit; "Toe of god" versus face of god is a pretty cute image.

I'm ok with deconstructing 'god' one body part at a time.
I like it when such a momentous topic leads to such folksy accuracy as "he said, 'this is something we should be able to poke at with the Large Hadron Collider.'"




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