SO tired of talking to people and then hearing "the dumb" come out of their mouths...

We have next-door neighbors that we've had for over 20 years.  We are both 45, and they are both around 65.  We could NOT be more different from each other.  We are Atheists and Liberal Democrats, and they are born-again and VERY right-wing.  But they are really good neighbors.  Bring us baked-goods, nice to us, etc.  We do the same.  But every once-in-a-while the wife says something bad about President Obama, or worse, something racist, etc.  Once she asked me to sign a petition to help get abortion made illegal.  I said I would never sign something like that.  She HAS to know we are Democrats, we've seen each other @ the polls and she's seen signs in our yard, etc.  SO.  I just stepped over there today to tell them (and be friendly, because they are always complimenting our kids) that our daughter, 20, got a paid internship (YAY!), and our son who has been homeschooled (our daughter never was) got his GED on the first try (he got it because there is no diploma for homeschoolers in IL).  I was proud and knew they'd be happy for them.

Anyway, to make a short-story long,  she brings up President Obama and how he's a Socialist,drank and snorted cocaine (I pointed out that even if he did, which I don't know, so did her precious George W and she ignored that) and instead of just changing the subject, I decided to not be quiet.  I just said well I am voting for Obama again, and we'll just have to agree to disagree.  She just sort-of mumbled something and stepped over by her husband.  Before THIS conversation, she said her pastors daughter was married to a , and she WHISPERED IT, black man.  She is very racist.  How 'christian' of her! She also has said everyone shouldn't get healthcare because if 'they' get it, it will take away from 'us'. WHAT?  I said to her then "Well that doesn't seem very christian", and then she back-tracked. 

I don't think she knows we're Atheists and I KNOW she doesn't know my daughter is bi-sexual or she would just die!  I know they already wonder how such heathens raised two great young-adults.

I am NOT keeping my mouth shut anymore.  Anything racist or stupid-religious (like when she said'god' sends the tsunamis because he's mad, etc. I am going to be very ladylike, but firm in saying that that is AWFUL.  I will not just change the subject to avoid controversy with a neighbor that is literally a few feet from our house.

Thanks for letting me rant!

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The funny part is that I think Bill Maher is brilliant for the most part. I guess I just have that snide sense of humor. The problem is free market capitalism works well without universal health care. Even though the U.S. has "lower" taxes than countries with a government healthcare system, we push it right back up with other programs and off the wall taxes.

I tell people that you are going to have the lovely government experience of telling you what you can and can't do as far as procedures are concerned. Anybody who has dealt with the extremely tedious and slow process with our Department of Veteran's Affairs can tell you that getting medical anything makes you want to put a bullet in your own head. I don't have health insurance right now myself, but I get by. I'd rather keep it private. It'll just be more of a headache and drive our country into more debt. 

Speaking of; perfect example. I ended up chipping my front tooth on my .50 cal while we were on a convoy, because we hit a mortar round rigged up on a pressure plate. About a 1/4 of an inch off of my front tooth was chipped off. When I got back and I was leaving the military, I opted to get my dental work done through the VA, since I hadn't seen my wife in a long time, and I was stuck in San Diego. I went to get all my dental work done, and the VA wouldn't fix my tooth because it was "cosmetic". I've seen several things like that. I chipped my damn tooth in THEIR trucks fighting THEIR war and I couldn't even get my tooth repaired from an IED. Do we really want crap like that happening? Now I look like a hillbilly. I had perfectly straight, white teeth before this. Now I have a discolored, chipped remnant of a tooth.



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