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"So what do you say?"

I'll give it a try.

Let's see…..

"Hey! 2005 called, they want their joke back"

or the dark ages.....either one works...

This seems anti-atheistic. Yes, mathematics and the scientific method are both wonderful, but this makes atheism seem abnormal. Like we don't react emotionally normal in intimate situations. I can't actually tell if this was created by an atheist or someone religious. This cartoon confuses me.


"This cartoon confuses me."

…and at the same time, …all squishy inside.

oooohh aaahhhh oh?

ah fk it 'yugh'mmy!''''' LOL sigh.. great book:

Don't know.  I'm a celebate.


Redd Foxx had a good one for this..."My girlfriend told me to give her 12 inches and hurt, I fu#ked her twice and hit her with a brick"..haha.




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