As weird as it is, I think it was the attitude of my former "fellow" Christians that started me on the road to doubt. Even though I've got a bachelors in Physics and have generally held a belief in evolution and big bang cosmology for most of the believing stage of my life, it really wasn't science that brought up questions(cognitive dissonance at its best). I think I've always generally never had a connection with anyone in any church I had ever attended. Mainly since most Christians, especially in the south, are non-intellectuals. But I think it really started when I began listening to extreme metal. I couldn't understand how anyone could look down on something that I loved so much and felt so natural to listen to. I can't tell you how many people have told me that its "the devils music"(even though most of the lyrics are socio-political).

Of course later on I did my research and discovered how ridiculous my former beliefs were. So who or what started you on your path to disbelief?

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The female mosquito is the one that bites.  I think.  (Big help, eh?)

We have had a cat or two since before I was born, and back then people let their pets roam, and never heard of spaying and/or neutering.  I grew up with litters of kittens (plus the neighbors' puppies), and the thought of every one in the world drowning because humans were misbehaving, and ghod "regretted" making everything used to give me nightmares.

We lived right on the ocean till I was almost 6 years old....saw some HUGE waves during the winters....the memories are very vivid, even now.  Including a tsunami that rolled past the house when I was a toddler.

Hm-mm, how many believers have been asked how Noah distinguished female insects from male insects?

My life might now have a purpose.

BTW, FT, my earliest ancestors were pond scum. Yours came late to the party.

My mother always told me that God made all the animals come to Noah. OK. Let's imagine a divine signal that would make animals leave their habitats, come to where Noah is, and board the Ark. How long would that take? How many years? How would Noah know all the animals had arrived? I guess God would tell him and then seal the door as they all got inside.

Now bring in the insects with mosquitos, ticks, lice, and fleas and you have another whole ballgame. Guessing the sex of these creatures would be great enough, but guessing just how many of them you had and where would be greater. The entire story is absurd!

If you want to believe that nonsense then GOD DID IT is the only answer you have and the only possible answer there could be unless you use logic and reasoning to find that the whole story must be myth.

With flood stories in every culture the Christians want to believe that the Devil planted the other stories to discredit the Bible and Christianity and those stories are counterfeit. Some claim all the stories are proof of a worldwide flood and act as though they might find a secret bathtub drain plug somewhere at the bottom of the Grand Canyon someday.

Wake up! It's all a fairytale!

Because the Lord God J*H*V*H told them to.

My Dad read to me every night, until I was old enough to read for myself....I loved Kipling's "Just So Stories," and fairy tales...even the scary ones.  When Mother started dragging me to Sunday school, the tales we were told there didn't seem any different from the fiction I'd already heard or read.  I just couldn't make myself believe, no matter how hard I tried.  And I DID try.

I finally read the entire buybull from Genesis thru Revelation when I was in my mid 20s, and my life was turning to sh*t, and realized there were NO "answers" in it, and tossed it in the trash.  (I  also tried reading The Book of Moron when we played Salt Lake City, and the hotels put the BoM in the rooms alongside the buybull.  I laughed at it.  Silly a$$ book.)

I still love fantasy fiction, by talented writers.  The books chosen for the buybull are BAD.  No-talent. 

So I guess I was always a borderline doubter....or just could tell the difference between fact and fiction from childhood.  I've been an "out" atheist for nearly 50 years. 

I used to kneel and pray at my bed before going to sleep. One night, I just laughed because it seemed so ridiculous. It was the weirdest thing; just an involuntary burst of laughter, and i didn't see it coming. It was like I decided to not listen to my parents. The next day, my experiment began. What will happen to me if I don't pray? My life cleared up is what happened. Also, I knew i couldn't burn in hell forever, it would only hurt for a couple of minutes. But then i thought, wait a minute, I won't feel anything, because my body would be in a grave, not in hell. What part of me will burn? 

I'm so glad we never prayed in our house when I was growing up.  I think my Dad was a closeted atheist; Mom was a sort of casual fundie. 

I finally got out of going to Sunday school when I pitched a fit, and said I wanted Sundays for ME!  I was taking ballet lessons almost every day after school, and all day on Saturdays.  MUCH more worthwhile than numbing my butt in a pew.

I plan to be "burned" right after I die, and then have what's left tossed in the ocean with NO smarmy prayers.  I've already paid for the whole thing.


Ya think they'll eat dried bones?  There don't seem to be many sharks off the Left Coast...

I just want to dissolve back into the earth...maybe as fish sh*t...I dunno.  Doesn't matter much. 

There was a fascinating video by a Brit filmmaker years ago retracing the steps taken by devotees of the Eleusis Mysteries in Athens, on the road from Athens to Eleusis and contrasting modern and ancient times. The filmmakers dropped in on a Greek funeral and showed how the kykeon was prepared, or its modern equivalent. Various grains were prepared and passed out to those attending with the idea that death is not final, what is final is the feeding of the seed in the soil, the grains being the final product, the body of the deceased, part of their nourishment. Maybe this was the origin of the old song, "The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out. The worms play pinocle on my snout."

So, what's the reason for cemeteries with embalmed bodies buried in metal caskets encased in stone or concrete sarcophagi?  Or, as in New Orleans and other places,  above-ground mausoleums?  The bodily-resurrection myth, or public health concerns?

In the only full-service hospital in this town the view from half the rooms (especially from the ICU and CCU rooms) is of the Hollywood Hills extension of Forest Lawn...not the most cheerful sight in the world for the patients.

I very much agree with Neil deBrasse Tyson's answer. It makes more sense to me than anything else. 

If we were allowed to be buried without being embalmed and sealed in caskets, I'd go for it, but in most places, except maybe Saudi Arabia, it's illegal.

When my dad died they wanted to cremate his husk in a wooden casket, and I said NO!  So they used a cardboard coffin.....they had to use something because that is the law here.


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