As weird as it is, I think it was the attitude of my former "fellow" Christians that started me on the road to doubt. Even though I've got a bachelors in Physics and have generally held a belief in evolution and big bang cosmology for most of the believing stage of my life, it really wasn't science that brought up questions(cognitive dissonance at its best). I think I've always generally never had a connection with anyone in any church I had ever attended. Mainly since most Christians, especially in the south, are non-intellectuals. But I think it really started when I began listening to extreme metal. I couldn't understand how anyone could look down on something that I loved so much and felt so natural to listen to. I can't tell you how many people have told me that its "the devils music"(even though most of the lyrics are socio-political).

Of course later on I did my research and discovered how ridiculous my former beliefs were. So who or what started you on your path to disbelief?

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Oh, I agree with Matt Dilahunty on Pascal's Wager.

"Pascal's Wager Is The Worst Apologetic Argument Ever Devised."

Bacon flavored decaf TEA?  Where can I get some?

( These are just 2 of my favorite things)

Mmm, I don't think that's a straw man . . . (the so-and-so converted when he realized he was dying idea).

My parents were sort of agnostic, in that, even though they took me to church, Sunday school and even sent me to a Christian college, they already sort of knew that I was unlikely to believe in God, as I was a science buff since age 10, and my mother who was the brains of the family, thought that science does not agree with religion but welcomed my enthusiasm for science with opened arms.

Though they didn't agree with my sense of humor, such as at my uncle's wake ( an atheist yet they held a church funeral), I replaced the organ music with Led Zeppelin's "Your Time Is Gonna Come" which starts off sounding like church organ music.  Then a heavier Deep Purple track, which also featured John Lord organ introduction.

My parents were not impressed, but, got over it quickly and months later we all chuckled about it.

The Deep Purple number was "Sweet Child In Time", a classic, with extremely fast Richie Blackmore riffs, though I did watch a live concert video, where Richie stuffed up part way through his lead break, I noticed his playing dropped off key, for a half a second, he corrected this though.


Re Pascal's Wager and the Super-Dominance Argument -- amended and bolded below.


God exists = Infinite Reward

God does not exist = Religion's comfort and joy and life's many pleasures banned, but no reward.


God exists = Infinite Torture 

God does not exist: = Life's many pleasures enjoyed, and no reward.

Who conjured the Super-Dominance Argument but a person afflicted by xianity's negative thinking.

When atheism's positive thinking replaces the xian negative thinking, benefits replace the costs.

Comedian Bill Burr tells why he quit religion: Link


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