You try to be all sweet and feed them a french fry.

Then said person says "say your blessings"

You stare and say "Eat the damn french fry" and laugh

they repeat

you stare again

they finally eat the french fry

This refers back to a post I made about dating/marrying with obvious religious differences and whether it can work.

What would you have done? And would that be enough to nix any idea of any further dates?

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Yea. Im tryin to forget it and let it go. I just feel like its a precursor to bigger problems
Not that I'm one to judge, but your response is probably what I would do. That doesn't necessarily mean it's a WISE or RIGHT response, but at least you are not alone in your approach.
Are dates actually better hot? I know they're disgusting cold and covered in plastic-infested, caked-on sugar, but that's on the very far end--too far to make a valid assessment of the other end of the spectrum.
Well said. Pretty much sums up everything I wanted to say.
I agree. Sadly enough, I am in a similar situation; I had a secular relationship, a secular wedding... now my husband is turning religious on me. We have been fighting almost constantly ever since I found out about his praying for me to "find Christ" and e-mailing online ministries begging for advice on how to "bring" me to "god."
... now my husband is turning religious on me.

That's gotta suck. Was this brought on by some sort of mental breakdown or the death of a loved one? Some sort of personal or family tragedy? How does he explain his newfound interest in Christ?
I don't know, honestly. He says he has "always been Christian" and that he never admitted it to me because he knew how I felt about religion and did not want to upset me. Of course that sounds like BS, looking back on all the religious discussions we had before we were married.
My second wife was very religious even though I thought she was a hypocrite. We never talked about religion. She would go to church on her own and she never pressured me. But she was so tormented. She felt guilty when she was not going to church. It was almost like she felt guilty about her whole life. I can't imagine living like that.

The way I see it, if the bible is the word of God then you better listen to every word. If you don't, then you're a sinner, right? I don't get these half ass believers. They are not true Christians as far as I'm concerned. If I actually believed the Bible was the word of God I would be scared shitless if I defied anything in that's in the book. If it's God's word then every word should carry a lot of weight. None of this pick and choose bullcrap. I'm sure glad I don't believe that damn book. What a miserable existence.
Very sorry to hear this. I hope for the best possible outcome for all parties.
Yes, we talked about religion a lot, as well as countless other topics. I have always thought that religion was something very important for a couple to agree on before marriage. We even took the trouble to have the word "god" or any religious references left out of our wedding vows. We have been married 3 years now, together for 6. We agreed not to raise our children religious when I became pregnant with our first child. Now he says he wants to raise them to be "strong Christian men with a heart for God." I am 100% against this, and yes... I feel completely betrayed.
Oh that sucks. I'm sorry to hear it.
Me too. I just don't get it.




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