You try to be all sweet and feed them a french fry.

Then said person says "say your blessings"

You stare and say "Eat the damn french fry" and laugh

they repeat

you stare again

they finally eat the french fry

This refers back to a post I made about dating/marrying with obvious religious differences and whether it can work.

What would you have done? And would that be enough to nix any idea of any further dates?

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At least you can laugh at Mormon Barbie. This ex-mo site makes me smile :)
I too thought magic underwear was just something Betty Bowers came up with. How funny!
I'd ask "What?" in a genuine state of confusion (which will be genuine due to the confusion that I will experience at trying to see how such an effort is possible (It's just as possible as "saying Communism".)).

Chances are that she'll either give up 'cause she can't actually explain it in grammatically valid terms and she's possibly actually a sex-liking human being and doesn't want to ruin her chances with me, or try to convince me of Mr. Yahweh and that it's important to chant for the pleasure of the Sky Fairy before you eat.
From painful experience, I've learned that it's best to get out the fact you are non-religious early on. Seems that even if you strike up a really good relationship with a female who's too religious, your 'good relationship" won't mean squat if she thinks more of imaginary Jesus-God than having a good, healthy, relationship with someone she grew fond of before baselessly concluding all non-theists are somehow "evil".

Dang, how ignorant some religious people can get. But whatta ya gonna do?
Yeah. I asked this one chick that I'd noticed seemed to exclusively date atheist guys (though she was also locustshit crazy) if there was any way to ask about that that wasn't really awkward. (She basically was coming on to me very slightly at each opportunity for some months, but I think it was just to try to bother a friend of mine with whom she continually had great strife, so I disappointed her, as well as staying uncheatful to my then-girlfriend.)

It's awkward, apparently, but meh, it's better than encountering this awkward situation.
hahaha! Excellent advert, Don.
hilarious. not something i would want to do on a first date, however.
Fukin' A, that is the best Xbox commercial I have ever seen.
That is priceless! Someone at X-Box needs a best-short-film award or something!
The most proactive thing here is to be out with your atheism at the get-go. If your date brings it up with grace over a french fry, I would tell him/her at that moment, "sorry, I'm atheist". It was the object of your potential affection who brought it up, not you.

They will either respond with "That's OK", or press the issue, or end the date, or try to convert you. If all you want is some fun, then their christianty and your atheist may not be an issue. If it's for something deeper, then starting out on a false prenise will only lead to problems later on.
By "fun", do you mean sex?
I've heard that is what happens on some dates. Just what others have told me, of course. Other people have fun by going to movies, going for a hike, going fishing, reparining the carburater in their '67 Ford Torino.... eating French Fries can be fun, too.



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