You try to be all sweet and feed them a french fry.

Then said person says "say your blessings"

You stare and say "Eat the damn french fry" and laugh

they repeat

you stare again

they finally eat the french fry

This refers back to a post I made about dating/marrying with obvious religious differences and whether it can work.

What would you have done? And would that be enough to nix any idea of any further dates?

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Wow. You'd be fun to videotape and awful to date, lol. Let me know where to find you on YouTube haha
Many a date has been ruined over French fry inspired religious conflicts (freedom fries for any lunatics reading this).
I would call it quits. you two clearly aren't a match.

She's better off finding someone who is equally self repressed so she can share her misery.

You need to find yourself a fellow Atheist... or at least an open minded theist. (If there is one).
I'm glad I don't have to deal with this anymore since I'm married to an atheist (with at most a nominally Buddhist background). I had a bad dream last night that she wanted me to attend church. I think it was because I went to my first mass in almost five years since it was my sister's wedding.
There's religious and there's push religious. Anyone who starts out a relationship pushing their belief system on you will never stop pushing. Even asking once is a bad sign, asking twice is a big, blaring, Las Vegas night club sign. What happened after the other person finally ate the french fry?
This conversation led me to remind my wife that we will not force
religion on any children we might have. she politely insisted that they would be raised catholic! This could become
a serious issue in the future.
If my children become religious all on their own, I'll be disappointed but they'll still be my kids; however they will at the very least hear both sides of every story. I will not be attending church with any children i might have (special events excluded) and if they ask why I'll fill them in on all the details.
original sin, masturbation, YOU going to hell, why didn't Noah save all the baby kittens, Daddy?
Those will be some very entertaining conversations that I cannot wait to have.
This would nix any future dates in my book. We could still be friends, but if they're enough of a believer that they have to say blessings before all their meals, then this would just cause problems in the long run.

We just view the world in fundimentally different ways.


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