Been a long long time since I posted here, but here goes.

Per the title, there ARE alternatives to 12-step support groups.

Among them is Lifering Secular Recovery. We're continuing to grow, albeit slowly at times. We don't have any "steps" at all. It's "roll your own." (Besides AA, SMART, while also secular in its approach, does have a 4-step basis.)

For those who have heard at least vaguely about secular alternatives to AA/NA, you may know of Secular Organizations for Sobriety. Unfortunately, it seems to be ... my assessment ... imploding in the last year or two. For those of you who need help, Lifering is there.

If there's anybody out there who used to be in SOS, or who knows others who used to be, we'd like to welcome you to Lifering. If you used to lead a meeting, and want to get back on that horse, we'd welcome you.

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