Hey, everyone we need your help.


We want to create several social networking buttons to be used on your websites. Many of you have used the Atheist Nexus badges, but we want to create ones like we see all the time. Like these:



The Foundation Beyond Belief had one created for their website.

Atheist Revolution uses our sites favicon.

One graphic artist created the ones below. I like them, but they may be too dark.

Here's what we need:


1. Graphic artists: reply to this discuss with a sample of your own.
2.  Everyone else: Do you like the simple "X" (like is used with Facebook and Twitter)? Or, should we keep the word "US" with it as well?


Soon we will have a page with dozens of samples free for the taking. If yours is used, full credit will be given.

Thanks in advance,



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To me the X represents negation, which the word atheist also suggests. That it's also part of nexus is not sufficiently redeeming. I prefer Secular Humanist, because my worldview is NOT a negation of the Xian. That would make religion the standard and those who reject it merely rebels. My life is not defined by rejecting their stupidity. I don't wast my time or energy thinking about their memes. To represent yourself as X, it's as if we can't imagine what we're for, so we identify ourselves by what we are not. Why not renounce identity based on toxic religious memeplexes?  Secular Humanism is constructive, positive, healthy, and uplifting. Think about what we embrace, not what we shed like a discarded eggshell. Let us put forward our self-actualization rather than mere deconversion.

BTW, let's not forget the research that people remember symbols that have human faces in them far better than abstract symbols. Also the examples which convey positive emotions will have the same appeal to the primitive brain as smileys do. Why not base our symbol on science? Let our symbol have a smiling human face. The second most memorable things were objects. Abstract was the very worst for recognition and remembering.

Something along these lines

I understand your points. However, favicons and buttons have to be extremely simple. Like the ones in the first picture.

Also, there are many positive (or should I say comparable) "X" symbols in our culture.

The X-Men
X marks the spot
X is where the treasure is located on a map
Malcolm X 
RX is what the doctor prescribes.
An X-Ray sees through it all.

I am a secular humanist as well. But that is not the only thing we are about. We encourage people to come out of their god closets. Unfortunately, our society forces us to answer the god question. Once people come to term with that, they then learn what it means to be humanists, naturalists, skeptics, etc.

I agree with this.  I didn't view the "X" as negation at all.  In fact I  just realized the way the X is rendered, it also could represent atomic orbits!  Which I think is very positive and clever, and evokes scientific imagery.

Negation is  usually represented by the circle with a single slash.  

The problem with the x is that it may be a little too spare, or minimal, on a very small scale.

George you're right. I forgot all about that. The X was designed to be like an atom or orbiting planets.

Casting a vote is another positive "X" symbol. However, that meaning is very context-dependent: clearest when we see a ballot with a set of choices. A check mark is a stronger, less ambiguous indication of a positive selection.


Especially to computer users, an "X" by itself can strongly suggest "no", "cancel", "close", or "delete this". And in a small button, many people might not see the intended planetary or subatomic orbits.


I vote :) for a design that somehow includes "Nexus" or "A/N".


The fact is that 90% of those are all main stream crap, also x is the first letter in christ in the roman word hence x-mas

I remember reading that article... let me find it...

What makes an image memorable?

A new study from MIT neuroscientists shows that the most memorable photos are those that contain people, followed by static indoor scenes and human-scale objects. Landscapes? They may be beautiful, but they are, in most cases, utterly forgettable.

It just tested photos of real-world scenes.

That said, a smiley together with a concise Atheist Nexus "brand" might add a positive affect that could draw more people towards us.

The "X us" icon that you have circled looks confusing, it's the only one that I really don't care for.

I have to agree here. Even though X is associated with many different things, when I read "X us" I get the impression of "X us out" (as in rub us out).


Brother Richard, I know you pointed out several positive uses of the letter X, but I am going to have to politely disagree with you. I think Grinning Cat said something very important here: they are very context-dependent. Who, for example, will associate a social network's symbol with comic books and TV shows? And, are you sure you really want that kind of association?

I appreciate your points. Technically, we shouldn't call it an X. It is two orbits used to form an X in our logo. Probably an important distinction. 


And whether we like it or not, the X symbol is a part of who we are. Organically people have already started using variation of it. You can't say Nexus without emphasis on the X.

It wasn't trying to associate with comic books and TV shows. The underlying theme of all my examples were to be an example of how the X has universally been used as a symbol of independence, defiance, and strength.


As far as icons go, I don't think we can be any more simplistic. Remember this is not a change to our logo, but just an icon people can use.

Come on artists, let's see your examples.



I agree.




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