Hey, everyone we need your help.


We want to create several social networking buttons to be used on your websites. Many of you have used the Atheist Nexus badges, but we want to create ones like we see all the time. Like these:



The Foundation Beyond Belief had one created for their website.

Atheist Revolution uses our sites favicon.

One graphic artist created the ones below. I like them, but they may be too dark.

Here's what we need:


1. Graphic artists: reply to this discuss with a sample of your own.
2.  Everyone else: Do you like the simple "X" (like is used with Facebook and Twitter)? Or, should we keep the word "US" with it as well?


Soon we will have a page with dozens of samples free for the taking. If yours is used, full credit will be given.

Thanks in advance,



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I tried the cutout idea quickly, but I haven't had much time to try variations in the color. Again, these are PNGs and useable:



It seems like the orange icon holds up fairly well on dark backgrounds. I had to thicken the "X" even more to allow for the drop-shadow cutout effect.

I'll try some more variations soon. Do you have any colors in mind? Different than orange or just darker/more muted shades of orange?

Hmmm. I kinda like it. What do you think? 


Perhaps the dark orange or the blue in our top banner. 


I look forward to seeing more.

Ok, some orange/blue color variations for you:



I'm not sure about that last one, but I thought I'd at least try it.

I prefer the orange and blue variation (last aone) because it looks less like an X.

The last one, assuming no transparency in the white area (can't trust css for everything) would really be most "memorable" as it has good contrast and is well shaded.

  I don't do the new version of social networking so much.  Little need to my mind, as I get great networking opportunities through stand-alone non-commercial servers, and the internet search engines provide the networking part...limiting the advertizing and big brother marketing service opportunities that companies like facebook provide.  That said, if you want to have a nice big scalable icon that really means what atheism is all about, well I feel a nice transparent square (or let it be white if you must) is the way to go.  As an atheist, I am not a not something, and I am not an opposite of something, I am simply something that doesn't go out of it's way to protect what it thought it was five minutes before.

As an artist and teacher, I think that although the x is attractive, you really need to have the "A" in there as that our common atheism is the whole point of the site.  The problem with the letter A is that it notes literature such as The Scarlet Letter....we need a different logo that doesn't have a negative connotation....an X is negative....so is the A....  The issue is that we don't wear our non religion around our necks... Something needs to be invented.
What if we added a nucleus to it to make it look more like an actual atom?

 I'm not a graphic artist, but I do have a different idea! Why not use the null sign (zero with a bar across it) followed by a T, for non-theist.  I rather dislike the A you use for Athiest, mostly because I originate from Alabama and it looks too much like a Roll Tide "A"  (college football and believe it or not, the same script "A")---it's a mirror image I just can't seem to shake, though I know I am a minority here.  I see the "A", I see "Alabama Football"---not what is intended. Sigh....

Another suggestion, though am sure someone owns this is Darwin's fish---not the christian fish, but the fish with feet to show where we come from---Evolution.

Whatcha think?

I like the "X" on the glossy white background, but I'd prefer to see the "X" in blue.

The 'US' from Nexus doesn't make me think 'Atheist Nexus,' it makes me think 'US' like community, which is great, but also U.S.- though A|N is international. Though I like the US in Atheist Nexus, as it could lead to catchy phrases, A|N may be better branding & the phrases can exist w/o that. Your thoughts?

Also, let me add- for design purposes, something simple & scalable will be best. The plain Nexus 'X' is strongest alone, but in bold colours.

This looks like spam or marketing coming from atheist nexus.  I don't like clicking on links that I am unsure of and will not click on these links.  I did a search for this person's name in the atheist nexus and it didn't have a match and looked at the Canadian Atheists group and did not see anything related to this.

Am I going to get atheist nexus emails selling me stuff -  or is this not legitimate?

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A message from Felica Goolsby to all members of Canadian Atheists on Nexus on Atheist Nexus!

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Russell, I'm not sure where you got that information, but it wasn't from Atheist Nexus. It may have come from a spammer who made it through our moderation. The vast majority never make that far, but when they do, they are quickly removed. If you get another email, report the users profile to us immediately. Every page on Nexus has a "report" button at the bottom.




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