Hey, everyone we need your help.


We want to create several social networking buttons to be used on your websites. Many of you have used the Atheist Nexus badges, but we want to create ones like we see all the time. Like these:



The Foundation Beyond Belief had one created for their website.

Atheist Revolution uses our sites favicon.

One graphic artist created the ones below. I like them, but they may be too dark.

Here's what we need:


1. Graphic artists: reply to this discuss with a sample of your own.
2.  Everyone else: Do you like the simple "X" (like is used with Facebook and Twitter)? Or, should we keep the word "US" with it as well?


Soon we will have a page with dozens of samples free for the taking. If yours is used, full credit will be given.

Thanks in advance,



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I like the bottom buttons. I could try to whip something up anyway, though.
Cool Ava. I look forward to seeing them.
Are you looking for a specific color scheme and size? Any details of preferences could help immensely.

I'm thinking that we could have a myriad of choices. Some people have unique variations of the standard buttons on their web-pages.


My thoughts were that we could have a page with different designs of not just our button, but Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Google+, etc.

Maybe the standard one for us should be the RSS orange.  

I vote for some version of just the X. KISS, right?
I like any of the X's.  The US might imply USA and nexus is international so I like it without the US.  I am a proud American but I am also a proud member of the planet Earth.  If the US is replaced by A/N that might be an option.

Thinking about this some more, and seeing the other button examples - I think the simplest thing possible would be best.  Either just the X, which I think is cool, or "A/N" in some sort of bold letters.  


If I was going to create one for myself, it would be ¢¢, for "my 2 cents".  Hmmmm.

Ha! "2 cents." 

I agree that the simple X is best. The US reference has come up before. It's sad that the American reference comes to people's mind. My thoughts originally was that it was "us" as in "we."
People actually thought it stood for U.S.? How funny.. Derrr 
Here's another one I forgot to add. It is used by Atheist United.  I kinda like its simplicity. 

I would drop the “US”, people might be thrown off and think it’s just for people in the "United States". I like just the X; you can become a brand with its shape. Keep in mind, not to sound like a Buddhist, but nothing is permanent, no matter what you make, one day, you will want to change it, so keeping it simple during this time, when the group is evolving at such a rapid rate, will only be to your advantage.

I am pretty good designer and would love to help. How many pixels x pixels and dpi this button should have? To be honest I love these created by "one graphic artist" and I don't think there is a way to improve it. These are perfectly okay. Maybe I can add some fancy shine and bright "frame" like in these above. 

I vote for X without US. Minimalism rocks.




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