Hey, everyone we need your help.


We want to create several social networking buttons to be used on your websites. Many of you have used the Atheist Nexus badges, but we want to create ones like we see all the time. Like these:



The Foundation Beyond Belief had one created for their website.

Atheist Revolution uses our sites favicon.

One graphic artist created the ones below. I like them, but they may be too dark.

Here's what we need:


1. Graphic artists: reply to this discuss with a sample of your own.
2.  Everyone else: Do you like the simple "X" (like is used with Facebook and Twitter)? Or, should we keep the word "US" with it as well?


Soon we will have a page with dozens of samples free for the taking. If yours is used, full credit will be given.

Thanks in advance,



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I think the Atheist Nexus logo/type (?) doesn't look bad squeezed into a square aspect ratio. I'd make the "electron or planetary orbits" X gold, but other color schemes are possible:


I also like the idea of putting a clear black "AN" or "A|N" on the gold orbital-X:
("graffiti-ing" here over one of the buttons by "one graphic artist")

Any of these would very clearly distinguish us from a simple "X" with its connotations of "no" or "close" or "delete".

Those are really good Grinning Cat -- did you make those icons?


(Yes, I massaged the site's banner and "one graphic artist"'s button.)

I prefer Grinning Cat's A|N design.  A|N is what I use when I abbreviate the name of this place so contortions around the "x" just look odd to me.

These are great, but we need to keep in mind what they are going to be used for. They are not logos. They are simple buttons like those in the samples. The basic Atom X with an orange background is where it seems we are headed.


I would love to see some more artwork submitted.

Looking again at the other buttons, most of them are very cryptic, although many have a recognizable element.  What they do is set themselves apart from each other.  The atom X would do that as well, and looks nothing like the other buttons.  I think that's good.
Simple X, thanks.

Jeez, I don't recognize most of the buttons up there, and cannot name which sites they represent!


Anyway, I don't think the Nexus buttons are too dark. Some are lighter than the examples in the first image. I like just the simple X design. It's distinctive and easy to recognize. It also looks like an atomic symbol, so that ties in with the emphasis on science rather than make-believe.

This appears to be a complete list: VeryIcon.com

I also found a graphic that has most of the icons listed: The Ultimate Social Media Icon List











I don't know why, but it seems that many bloggers assume that people already know what these icons stand for. I knew maybe half of the ones in the first post.




Excellent quiz.  I recognized 9 of them.  I recognized 8 of the ones that you showed.  I have to say, that anyone who uses nexus would recognize the crossed electron orbits X.  It's distinctive.
I'd say use the standard logo, but dilate it a bit to compensate for the thinness of the electron cloud lines.

This site is a really great resource: http://www.wpmods.com/ultimate-social-media-icon-list/

I want to make a page on Nexus with our icon that matches each of these design styles.




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