Social Power Can Be Hurtful. Has Anyone Not Been Hurt By Its Use?

A single mother told me she would teach her son that power is evil.

Her manner told me someone had hurt her, so I did not ask what kind of power she would use to produce that result.

The shortest dictionary definition I’ve seen: power is the ability to produce a result.

People can use reward or punishment to produce results. They can use knowledge or charisma, Or they can get consent.

Why this discussion?

Theism, and what theists are using to impose their practices on us. They are not seeking consent.

Those who are experiencing the end of the “white xianity” they’ve known will increase their use of the other forms of power.

Some of us need to rebel. Others of us can respond more calmly. To win we will need the energy of those who are rebelling and the planning of those who are calm.

Your thoughts?

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That's why I said that a sword can strike friend or foe, Chris.  All that a sword is ... all any invention of man is ... is a TOOL.  The difference will always be in how and by whom that tool is USED.

Slow down, Loren. Using your metaphor, a mounted cavalryman will find a footsoldier's short sword a severe disadvantage.


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