When I am driving around in my car I like to put on AM right-wing christian radio, for fun.  It seems like every time I put it on the topic it is how evil Socialism is.  That non-christians are trying to push the U.S. into a socialist country so it will be ready to join Europe and the west of the world as a one world gov't.  And this thine one world gov't all our rights will be taken away, and religion would be out lawed. They claim with socialism you are getting rid of god controling your life and replacing it with a gov't that controls your life.  Socilism = controlled vs. Free Market system = Freedom. And on some radio shows the point they are getting at is the anti-christ will be the one leading this one world gov't.


So I had  a few thoughts and questions.


1.  Wouldn't christians WANT socialism to happen if they believe it would trigger the seccond coming for christ?  Why would they be trying to stop socialism?


2.  Who has more fear of socilism?  christians or political right wingers?


3.  And is their worries even a real concern?  Is there any chance the U.S. can become a full socialist country?


Feel free to add any other thoughts on the topic as well.



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1. I don't know why they would be so adamantly opposed to socialism.

a) God loves everyone equally
b) Everyone in heaven receives the same heaven
c) God is a socialist

a) Jesus healed the sick without respect to their faith
b) God is for free universal healthcare

a) Jesus told the wealthy to give their money to the poor
b) God is for wealth distribution

QED: God is a socialist

2. It depends. There is that whole odd Liberation Theology that is more or less a leftist bloc who believe socialism is what god wants. Then there are the Billy Gram's who are more or less fascists who think god votes Republican.

3. Is there any chance of socialism in America? My first concern is whether you mean socialism as in socialism or socialism as in communism.

Second, I really don't like this question. It's as fair a question as "Is there any chance of capitalism in America?" The simple answers are no and no.

There is a lot of gray area between socialism and capitalism where virtually all economies fall.

If your question is will America move closer to socialism? Who the fuck knows? Where exactly do we fall now?
I;m not sure they believe that. If you read Jeff Sharlett's book about C Street, you'll find that there are a whole lot of Christians out there who believe that God loves the rich and powerful more. There are certainly plenty who believe that illness is a test or a punishment, or who can name a whole phonebook or two of people who aren't going to heaven.

When Marx wrote that religion is the opiate of the masses, he knew what he was saying. The rich and powerful use it to keep the masses under control with some illusion that they will get to heaven some day, whereas the rich and powerful believe that only they will get to heaven. How odd that we build heaven in our own image.
They just want to fool Americans. America is not a truly free market system, such a system does not exist it would simply collapse on itself. What kind of market do we have in place now? I'd guess most people would say mixed capitalistic economy. I would compare it closer to a fascist economy in that it is really controlled by corporations.
1. Because they haven't read the bible and/or they don't understand it, and they just listen to their preacher and/or favorite right wing radio/tv host to tell them what to think.

2. I don't think Christians and political right wingers can be place in two separate categories. I'm pretty certain that very high percentage of true right wingers are christian and that most christians are to the right of center. They fear socialism because of the constant fear mongering that they hear on the radio/tv.

3. "Full Socialist Country?" There is no such animal. I'd put the odds on the US becoming "Fully Socialist" about the same as there being a God.
Yeah, it only serves to show how people create God in their own image. They don't like the idea of helping poor people, that means that God agrees with them, of course. Some group or other is even rewriting the bible to take the "liberal bias" out.
I'll even show my work on this one.

1) Yes, there is a large contingent of those who wish to help the apocalypse along. However, they are working on destroying the world the good old fashioned way: ENVIRONMENTAL RAMPAGE. Adding socialism to the mix just freaks them out because it allows for their Anti (see what I did there?) to show up and then we're all living in those asinine Left Behind books. And they don't want that (or they do, they just don't want to admit it). They'd rather leave the Earth scorched, as opposed to working together.

2) Political Right Wingers. It means the end of all their friends' secret scams and cons. And when they only have the known scams and cons, they lose a little cash. Or a lot. Depends on how socialist we go.

3) No. Not unless someone uses necromancy to revive the bolsheviks. We now live in a plutocracy, so change won't come from up top. (see also #2 for scams and cons). Add in the fact that very few people actually know what socialism is *coughMEDICAREPUBLICSCHOOLSMINIMUMWAGEcough*, and you get a failed revolution, status quo re-affirmed, and more grossly rich ne'er-do-wells lighting cigars with Franklins.

Final note: You are not a commodity. Having people tell you to fear some other method of economic system is as ridiculous as it is terrible. Pairing up economics with religion is even worse. With that juxtaposition in place, it all boils down to "Do it my way, or you'll be poorer than dirt, and THEN...you die and go to hell."
If mccainpalin got in we'd be under neo-theocracy soft marshall law
white's only would be the status quo of corporations
thugs would be waived through; swastikas on most arms.
I'd be in some kind of concentration camp to concentrate on christ, right?

Obama came to town.
Modern-day Christianity in the U.S. has been sold an economic agenda under the rubric of a cultural one. That is, opposition to abortion, gay marriage (and in some cases racial equality) have been sold as more important than economic issues, so they turn to the only party which will publicly advocate those cultural issues, which happens to be the Republicans. A century ago, most fundamentalists were socialists, themselves - most of that changed completely, however, with Roe vs. Wade.

The funny thing, though, is that the Republicans have never made even a single real victory on those cultural issues - all that they've accomplished are the economic goals. And the Democratic party has gotten the idea, apparently, that if it wants to be more popular, it has to advocate conservative economics instead of the cultural issues. It's almost unbelievable - or enough to make a conspiracy theorist out of you.
The cultural issues are what keep the sheep motivated. Especially since they have the goals that really matter; the economic ones.
American Christians would not know a who a real socialist was if they tripped on one.
fascist as they go
I will NOT feed the troll, I will NOT feed the troll...




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