When I am driving around in my car I like to put on AM right-wing christian radio, for fun.  It seems like every time I put it on the topic it is how evil Socialism is.  That non-christians are trying to push the U.S. into a socialist country so it will be ready to join Europe and the west of the world as a one world gov't.  And this thine one world gov't all our rights will be taken away, and religion would be out lawed. They claim with socialism you are getting rid of god controling your life and replacing it with a gov't that controls your life.  Socilism = controlled vs. Free Market system = Freedom. And on some radio shows the point they are getting at is the anti-christ will be the one leading this one world gov't.


So I had  a few thoughts and questions.


1.  Wouldn't christians WANT socialism to happen if they believe it would trigger the seccond coming for christ?  Why would they be trying to stop socialism?


2.  Who has more fear of socilism?  christians or political right wingers?


3.  And is their worries even a real concern?  Is there any chance the U.S. can become a full socialist country?


Feel free to add any other thoughts on the topic as well.



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Actually you're saving huge amounts of time by not researching what you're talking about.
Ehhhh...I don't think you are using the word socialism the same as most people. By claiming the US is already socialist you are clearly using the word in some new way. Why can't we have one dictionary so that we're all on the same page?

I do agree with your Big Mommy/Big Daddy theory though. But that is not a socialist/capitalist dichotomy there.



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