Perhaps it should have been called *back into... That's what editing is for!

I can't look anywhere anymore without running into pictures, video or some story/comment about the doctor who 'survived ebola' with 'the help of gawd'.

....Because medical research, the patience of educated medical doctors and thousands of hours of work had nothing to do with it, right?

Things like this, it seems, are happening more and more in today's mass media, society in general and every event imaginable, from work orientation to common, neighborly conversation.

I agree with what a friend had said... I think people that believe a non-existent deity did more for them than medical science has... We should remove their treatments and see how well their 'faith' saves them after all...

Otherwise, it encourages a medieval mindset in society, where a deity can be summoned or pleaded with, and will 'save' inconsequential individuals, but will not 'save' innocent, young, or kind individuals in similar or much more dire circumstances.

What bothers me just as equally is 'new age' thinking.... All the work that was done to fight racism, hate among church groups/beliefs and so on.... Have all but been undone in the 21st century.

As some groups are banding closer together, and disregarding race, religion or lifestyle... At the same time more and more groups are banding together on the basis of hatred... And thanks to social networking and rapid, rabid mass-media they're recruiting at a rate never before seen.

Society is becoming more and more frightening, I think... Perhaps its time to oil my old suit of armor and sharpen my sword.... Then I'll need to find a horse. I'll be ready to fight off the 'next crusade', friends.

What are your thoughts on this, folks?

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I think what you are seeing and hearing is extremists getting ready for their perceived battle and subsequent martyrdom.  As religion wanes and becomes less popular and influential in the 21st century, those who still practice are feeling as if they are under attack for their cherished, medieval views.  In the coming years, their lesser number of voices will in fact become louder and more outspoken as they become a minority group.  They are fighting a loosing battle and will not give up without an outspoken retaliation.  Religion will never fully die off completely, but the bitter pill of its decline will be hard to swallow for some in the decades to come.   


one of my young coworkers said to me today about a potential sale "if god loves me it will happen."  i responded, "i got a deal today so how'd that happen?"  i work with about 11 millenials who are all believers but they know i'm an atheist.  and this kind of thing happens all the time.  i try to have fun with it.  

i've responded to that question hundreds of ways, lol.  a simple 'nope' seems to be the most effective, but "i don't believe in all non-existent things" or "do you look under your bed or in your closet before fearfully laying in bed you fucking child?" (which is kinda my favorite) are way more fun.  it depends on my mood i suppose.  

Cory, positive thinking can help:

The more people who wait for happiness in another life's, the fewer people you need to share happiness with in this life.

I have to agree with you.  It really does seem that society is regressing at an alarming rate and that many people are once again reverting to religion as a means of comfort.  As a matter of fact, I work with many people who would rather pray than vote, which is really quite shameful.  That said, I think that many who are less enlightened and educated find current events overwhelming and down-right frightening therefore it is easier to hide behind the priest's apron strings. 

But we are also starting to see many people leaving religion in droves because of the fact that they are tired of all the hatred and fear and would like to live in a more sane and just world.  Religion is dying, slowly but surely and what we are seeing is an equally fervent backlash to apostasy and rational thinking that will, I think, cause many more people to flee religion in the name of peace and rationality.




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