Soft Terrorism: The act of using the power of numbers to dictate or legislate your beliefs or ideals in a non-violent manor that would otherwise not be considered due to the required submission of personal rights.

Many are concerned of this form of soft terrorism happening within the U.K. We have seen Sharia law getting into courts and lawsuits of “hypocrisy” and “hate speech” that have been popping up all within the region. Of course we all fear this result spreading across the world. Little do people realize that this same method has been in use not only by the Muslims, but the Christens as well. Christens are just as guilty of soft terrorism. In a matter of fact their strategy of fighting the Muslims is to multiply even faster and beat them at their own game. (See Jesus Camp on Youtube)

This underground holy war will only end in disaster, no matter who “wins”. We already have a major problem in overpopulation and due to this tactic. The religious tend to add to the problem. They also fail to recognize to potential of disaster to the party that is successful. Just like christens, Muslims have different break offs. What cutoff or break off will become dominant? Will it be the Muslim extremist? How about the Mormons? The Catholics? The Baptist? Either way this conflict can only result in disaster and after the Muslims or Christens arise as the victor, the only result will be civil war. (See my recent Youtube video “Not My Morals”)

Is it really that hard to understand why secularism is necessary for successful government and peaceful society? I would like to think I have more trust in the intelligence of human beings, but it is getting harder with each new news article I read.

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I don't think it refers to a majority but a very vocal minority. There are a number of groups, Focus on the Family comes to mind, that use phone call and letter writing campaigns to browbeat politicians to bend to their will.
I don't know. In most cases you hear them saying something like "good for them". I think the majority agrees with them but just doesn't practice the beliefs.
Logic is the enemy of faith, you can have one but not both.
I must make a change to your comment, it is possible to make a perfectly logical Hypothesis of god, but it is impossible to successfully create a functioning and testable model of this hypothesis that would allow the advancement to a theory status.
Actually, because a hypothesis is by definition a testable idea, any idea on the existences or non-existences of god could never be a legitimate hypothesis.
there ya go, can't even get that far.




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