In the past few months, I have been approached not once, not twice, but three times by solicitors who want me to find Jesus through their website. I am deaf, and apparently one of my neighbors alerted this group that there was a deaf man in their neighborhood in need of salvation. This website purports to translate the Bible into American Sign Language, making it accessible for those who are deaf. The first time someone came by, I simply said that the Bible wasn't my thing, and when pressed, I politely told them I wasn't a believer and wished them a good day. I was very polite, but still ticked off. This same group followed up today with a different batch of solicitors, this time three nice ladies, two sisters and their mother. I took their pamphlet and told them I would take a look at it later because I was hungry for dinner and didn't want to chat.

Never mind the fact that I am an atheist. First of all, I have a master's degree and attended UC Berkeley, where I majored in English literature. I also work as an editor, and am more than competent when it comes to reading the English language. I am sick of these solicitors who assume that (a) deaf people cannot read, and (b) I am a Christian or someone who is seeking life's answers and can find them in an old collection of folk tales.

I try to be as polite as possible to these solicitors, but as soon as I say good-bye, I toss their pamphlets into the recycling bin. 

Even worse, my massage therapist e-mailed me a link a few days ago to this very same website, saying it was oh so cool that the Bible has been translated into sign language. I considered this guy a good person (and a great masseuse), not the type to go about pushing religion on a client. Make that a former client; I will now look for a new massage therapist.

When these people just won't leave you alone, what do you do? I might expect this type of in-your-face solicitation in the Bible Belt, but I live in California, far from the Bible-thumping crowd.

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My Mom used a variation of this.  If someone she didn't know knocked on the door, she always answered it with a 8" chef's knife in her hand.  Sometimes, she'd even been cooking at the time.  :)

Most of the time we had dogs that kept solicitors away.  I remember thinking unkind thoughts about the JW's when I wound up picking up eleventy billion pamphlets that got flung when our German Shepherd hit the window next to the door.  All you could see were teeth and eyeballs--she looked like something out of Cujo.  Pamphlets were flung willy-nilly and the JW's were down the driveway like a shot.  Ah, well.  They made good fire starters come winter time.

That's so funny Shrouded!  A good reason to have a dog that I hadn't thought of.

OK Nick, my apologies beforehand if my story offends you. And it has nothing to do with the point of your post. I just couldn't help but get a chuckle from your comment, "deaf people cannot read."
I used to be the driver for a blind couple who are fantastic musicians and very well educated to boot, Bill and Bonnie Hearne. I drove them all over most of New Mexico. People could tell they were blind, but when some of those people would speak to them they would shout to them as though they were deaf. Sometimes people would ask Bill how long he had been blind and he would answer, "most of my life, but I wasn't deaf until you started screaming at me." I would laugh so hard back then, and thinking about it now makes me laugh.
Nice to meet you Nick, and best of luck with your unwanted visitors!

@Larry.. a very funny story...It just shows  how so many  people have no idea how to relate to most people with any disability.....In my job, as a Pharmacist,  I had several couples  who were deaf,who were  very intelligent  and had  very good jobs...It is amazing  how astute  they were  in lip reading, sometimes  though,  we would communicate with  note writing....They refused  to be treated  special and got around  quite well..I was always  impressed  how fast  they could talk in sign language. when  another deaf person  would  be there....Anyone  with  a disability  is truly  remarkable by compensating  in other ways and to them it is  quite normal.....It shows  the beauty of Human spirit when dealt a difficult hand...

I live in Louisiana and if I have time I strip down to my underwear.

That's a strange predicament and the others here are offering good advice. Apparently these people bothering you do not understand what deaf means. You could in desperation just go viral on them, Nick.

"I'm deaf, goddammit! That doesn't mean that I can't read just like any other normal person" I had a mostly deaf girlfriend one time and she got along just fine. She read lips. Others did not know of her being deaf unless she told them. Some were surprised.

Leave it to religion to get "deaf, dumb, and blind" confused. Oh, wait. That was the "Pinball Wizard." He could beat them all.



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