I've successfully added a couple of pictures to my page, however, I cannot seem to upload a picture for my profile picture. It keeps saying that there was an error. Does anyone have a quick fix for this? The file type and size restrictions have all been met. I thought maybe a picture I uploaded could be used as the profile picture but no such luck, at least that I have seen. Any help is appreciated, thank you very much.

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Put your mouse above the area in your profile page where your name appears. Something should highlight giving you an option. Upload a profile picture, for example. This should work. Sometimes the site appears to have temporary problems for me, but if I come back later everything is fine.

You may have to click or right click above your name area in the profile. Mine just gives me options instantly.

Patricia, That may very well be the problem. I'm on win 8.1 and sadly, internet explorer is the fastest browser and the most touch friendly one. I'll look into that for this site though. Thank you!

yup... That was the problem. Thank you again!


Welcome to Nexus!  Hope you join in the discussions.

Im not a fan of Win-8.  In fact, I hate it.  Oh well.

Thank you! I will be joining in discussions, for sure. As for windows 8.... Honestly, I love it. There are some kinks to work out (though they won't, they are already working on 9), but to each their own :)

My new laptop has Windows 8 on it. I hated it and was going to wipe it and put something else on it. What I did instead (using a program) was to completely wipe Windows Live from the OS and then download a free app that allows Windows 8 to work like XP or 7.

Now I like my Windows 8. The way it was before it reported every move on you and now it works fine and can't report anything. Windows 8 was made like a tablet with the idea that your computer will get smaller and your phone will get bigger. The program is built for the day that both are one and the same.

That day is nearing, friend. It took me a bit to get used to the touch screen and the other functions of Win 8, but, now I can move around with ease and it is a lot faster for my work too! So that is a plus. I'm no Microsoft fan-boy but I do like what they did, minus the whole reporting on your movements thing... I generally prefer Ubuntu, sadly it won't work for what I need it for at work.

I stream video so this whole Net nuetrality thing has me upset. I'm seeing that it upsets Netflix also, and there is a lot planned for the future of streaming. With that said, it's unlikely that a Net fastlane would work, or maybe it wouldn't make any difference in the end if streaming is still allowed. Many businesses depend on streaming so they have to be able to work this out here. How do I stream? XBMC and its recent offshoot of Xfinity. I watch what I want to watch.

Back to Microsoft, I use it but only because it works for me. If my programs would run as good on something else, even free GUI, (which XBMC is BTW) I would use it. I'm also a fan of the real wireless full mouse, so I use that on my laptop. I'm thinking of the whole wireless keyboard thing coz I don't like to see my laptop move as I type. You can also use the above programs that I mentioned on a laptop as well as desktop, or even a hand held ap.




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