My mother-in-law does NOT have lung cancer. She apparently had some sort of infection. She did a round of antibiotics for another problem. When they did pre-op x-ray, the lung mass was gone.  CT'd to verify. She never had cancer in the first place. Awesome turn of events.

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Glad to hear it!  Great news!

That's wonderful! Hooray!

Good for you and your family. We had services for my Mother yesterday, she was 85 yrs old, and it was lung cancer that finally got her. But she lived a rich full and loving life.
It was a beautiful service with me and my brothers speaking, grand daughters, great grand daughters and friend speaking. She was religious and it was her service, so I had no problem with the religious aspect, but at the end the Pastor went into a "Story of Heaven" lecture. He said he was going to talk to the kids and all the grandchildren so they understand where my Mom went. He started with Adam and Eve being the first historical record and then proceeded from there with the story of Genesis and what Heaven is like.
My 12 yr old son leans over about 10 minutes into it and says to me "This is creepy". It was a good moment in an otherwise presumptuous  little sermon the Pastor chose to divert the service to.

Finally he kept going for I think close to 15 minutes and I had to give him the "wrap it up" finger motion. My son had it right, it was creepy.


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