Haven't seen this commented so thought I'd say something.


As a group moderator, once in a while I want to change the group avatar.  I thought that function was removed, couldn't do it.  Then something  - maybe an angel? - told me to try explorer, so I did and it worked.


Another function that does not work with the firefox browser is commenting on comments.  I think it goes to a 2nd or 3rd level, but that's all.  In Explorer, the commenting goes many more levels.


Just commenting in case others have issues in Firefox.  I usually prefer Firefox due to Google's collecting information and selling it, and the adblock function in Firefox is good.  But if something doesn't work, I go to Explorer and sometimes it works.


I suspect this is a Ning system compatibility issue, and doubt that it will change, but it might be handy info for other users.

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Make sure you drop a note to Richard about this.

If you use Firefox and are afraid of Google Analytics, get the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add On for Firefox. This is a handy extension as I think we are all being tracked enough. I agree also that different browsers have different functions.

Computers are funny. Wife has a Windows 7 laptop made by HP. She couldn't open a PDF with it, and I couldn't either. It was HP software that apparently they want you to buy. I erased it all and put on the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Problem solved.

It pisses me off that there is so much tracking going on. I dont believe our nations founders would have approved.

I try to use Firefox and I use duckduckgo as my search engine of choice. Ning is probably also followed but what can we do? In fact from the ads I am surening is followed.

Firefox As noted does not work 100% of the time. Maybe 90%. They clsim not to track. The default on my ipad is Safari. I assume they track too.




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