I love being on AN with you guys. It is enlightening, frustrating, joyous, hurtful at times. Sometimes, I want to give you all a hug, other times, I’d like nothing better than to kick you in your collective asses.  You know, a family.

     I’m writing my thoughts down at this time because of my sister. My sister is the only one of us that is still religious, that goes to church on a regular basis. The rest of us are either agnostic or atheist.

     Now, I am the only one that would be considered a strong atheist in our immediate family.  But  she turned to me for some answers. I tried to help her as best I could.

     As we talked, it really dawned on me that she was scared. Truly scared of what is to come, when we all die. Her religious outlook really was no comfort when contemplating the ultimate end of her existence on earth.  She has some chronic medical conditions, and they affect her quality of life.

     So we talked, and I told her I took great comfort in the fact that I am related to every living organism on earth through biology, to the planet and solar system through chemistry, and to the cosmos through physics and quantum mechanics. Thank you, Dr. Tyson. That when I die, my atoms will continue, and interact in ways unknown throughout the cosmos.

     That the morality that she subscribes to from a book is inherint in our species, as evidenced through the writings and oral traditions from every culture we are aware of. These are ideals that inspire us to be better. Do we fall short? Hell yes. Sometimes painfully so. But ideals that, as we throw off our superstitions, will help guide us to a, hopefully, better future for all mankind.

     We talked about family stuff too. Won’t bore you with that. Don’t think I convinced her about religion, as we only talked about it in a round about way. Still. I have hope, and I think she understands me somewhat better. I do understand her better.

     So my AN family, this was on my mind. Just felt like sharing, and say thanks to you for being here. This site is the first thing I look at in the morning, and the last thing at night. Again, thanks for being here. Be well, my friends.

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Thank you Tony for sharing your story with us. It's nice to have a family here. I am the only Atheist in my family. So I understand how you have to deal with theists. It's good that she is listening to what you have to say. It's good that most of your family is agnostic or atheists. You are in good company it seems.

Thanks, Steph. Just felt like sharing. There are five of us. I got four sisters, and me. We've all come to our non-theism (except for Edna) over the years. My son is more deistic in his thinking, while my dauhgter-in-law is christian, but believes in past lives and ghosts. Got a nephew that is agnostic in his thinking, but his wife believes. Have a niece that refuses to go to church, of any kind, but still professes a belief in christ. I guess what I'm getting at is, like most people, we're all over the map as a family. Gets real interesting at times. But I love them all very dearly. And you guys too. Please, be well.

Very nice Tony, thanks.

I absoloutely love this shirt! :).

Hey Pat and Melinda. Just got home from work. Yeah, that is what prompted me to write, thinking of family. You guys are just as much my family as my sisters are. Just kinda wanted to say thanks to you all after we had our talk. Thanks guys. I really look forward to checking you out each day. Be well.

Thank you Tony and I consider you family as well!

If there is no god, and no heaven, and no hell, then what does one have to be afraid of, after one's death? NOTHING, I'd say.




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