Some in rural Ontario say it is the fault of "a handful of non-Christian elected officials"

I was looking for an Education category to place this Canadian item.  These trustees are elected so it is going in Political.

Since education is the bedrock for the attitudes of future generations does it make sense to have an education category? 

According to this piece it appears that an export from an organization based in Nashville Tenn is in jeopardy.

Ban on Gideon Bible handout at public schools sparks torrent of hat...

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Canada needs stronger and less ambiguous language in it's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or in the very least, a Supreme Court decision on the basis of: Subsection 2 (a). The Charter's preamble itself blatantly violates this principle.

I wouldn't hold my breath though, it ain't gonna' happen on Paster Harper's watch... 

That preamble alone should have been left back in the 1700's

It's the main reason I don't recognize the authority of the Canadian government.

Canadians reply in the Toronto Star.  I like the last letter from a minister:

Gideon Bibles in public schools

Dude, this is worth posting here:

As a Christian and as a minister of 36 years, I have to take issue with the Bluewater District School Board chairwoman’s comment that people are angry because “they see Christianity as a fundamental part of their Canadian identity.” If this were true, our churches would be packed 52 Sundays a year, and not just at Easter and Christmas.

The public school system is just that — public, and no place for religious proselytizing. If you want your child to have a Bible, or learn the Lord’s Prayer, or learn about Christianity, bring them to my church, and I promise we’ll get them a Bible, teach them the Lord’s Prayer and teach them about Christianity.

(Rev.) Warren McDougall, Toronto

Fuckin' A! …men 




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