Before I start I want say sorry to my bad English I hope will understand the main idea.
I think there no one is atheist or believer 100% . Most atheist are between 90% to 50% atheist and 50 to 20% agnostic and 20 to 10 believers. That maybe because atheist can't be 100% sure there are no God that makes them relatively agnostic, some times we feel maybe there are something as intelligent powre or God it's feeling only that makes him believer with 10% or less . Opposite that believers can't be 100% believers because human always have doubts about everything. someone believers can't discuss this doubts or thoughts with anyone for many reasons as religious society will refuse them if do. Sometimes they think the divil make this thoughts to make them unbelievers.
But There are tiny groups of people they are about 100% believers. That people explosion themselves with bomb to go to God or heaven.
I didn't if there are 100% atheist.
What I Meant it extreme to be 100% atheist or believer

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I'd call myself 99.99% atheist in terms of "there are no gods outside people's heads", and 100% atheist in terms of "if there is such a god, they have no effect on the world that can't be better explained by natural processes, coincidences amplified by our evolved tendency to seek patterns and purpose, and the actions of human beings who might believe in gods -- so I won't waste my life worrying about it." In other words, "God's plan" is indistinguishable from no god and no plan.

As it comes to the torah, bible, or the quran and their respective religions, total disagreement.  I consider myself a gnostic atheist with regard to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and indeed, any other religion you may care to name.  None of their gods (and indeed, they are all supposedly the SAME GOD with the Abrahamic religions) are credible in any serious fashion, their holy books are badly written, too frequently self-contradictory, and can be used to support very nearly ANY point of view, whether peaceful and pacifistic or aggressive and warlike.  Anytime ANY believer is asked for evidence which doesn't depend on their holy book, their responses are as predictable as they are insufficient to the task, whether they want to point to the wonder of nature or the supposed "fine tuning" of the universe, or some other dodge.  Their apologists have been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked.  None of their representatives can present me with a credible reason to believe, and too often they will resort to the tired business of: "you just have to have faith."  Sorry, no, I don't.

That said, is it POSSIBLE that somewhere out in the quintillions of cubic light-years which describes this universe, that there MIGHT be some kind of super-powerful being that could pass for a deity?  Certainly it's POSSIBLE, But Is It PROBABLE?  There remains no evidence, not even a suggestion of evidence that any such being exists.  Fact is, ALL the data we have to this moment doesn't just suggest but all but mandates a NATURAL universe which came into existence through the mechanisms of the laws of physics and without any supernatural agency. 

Do we have all the answers regarding this reality?  Of course not, not even close, but you don't have to have all the answers to answer this question honestly and forthrightly.  Until some very hard and persuasive new input comes to light, my attitude will remain unmodified and adamantine:

There Are No Gods.

I agree with you, Loren.

99.99 atheist that so much for me. I agree with you about no plan. I think there are no god but if there god , he or she never care for us that what logically life and unverce refer to 

100-percent certain that religious blow-hards are 100-percent full of shit. And the chances that the blow-hards have stumbled upon something is infinitesimal. I won't elaborate unless you ask me to. 

I don't consider being 100% sure there's no god an extreme position, Sulttan. Theistic beliefs (memes) are inherently self-contradictory. Their everyday patina of consistency depends upon twisting words, cherry picking sayings the user likes and ignoring everything else, and imposing emotional submission over one's own intellect and judgment. When believers begin to carefully examine scriptures, really dig into them, they find amoral disgusting stuff and nonsense, and become atheists.




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