As an ex-catholic I'm very conditioned to see "god bless you" as a polite comment after a sneeze, much akin to thank you and your welcome. What the heck does the atheist say after someone sneezes? I suppose I'm just conditioned here, very deeply seated type thing. I still catch myself thinking after someone sneezes, "should I do it?"...hmmm? thoughts, comments?

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I wish people would search before they create new topics. I've lost track of all the "sneezing" discussions in the forums.

John, I think you have the distinction of being the first!
I will say gesundheit to my daughter, or salute to my husband because he is Italian. Both mean good health.
I simply ignore it when someone else sneezes.

However, I sometimes sneeze when I'm online,all over my keyboard, then I'm likely to excaim something along the lines of "fuck!"

When in public,it's not so much my sneezes which concern others, it tends to be the loud,simultaneous farts, also involuntary.
It took me nearly a year to quit the bad habit of saying "bless you". I either say nothing now or if it is a large sneeze, I will say, "Are you alright?" or "Can I get you a tissue?". These are well received. I don't think "excuse you" sounds very cordial.

Sometimes I will volunteer the reason why I don't say "bless you" and tell them that I think it is unnecessary. I explain the origins of saying "May God Bless your Soul" that (hehe) evolved into "God Bless You"- people thought that the 'soul' could escape upon sneezing. I explain that we know that is nonsense (although I don't dispel the soul myth usually b/c I don't want punched), so there is no need to carry on a meaningless and error full tradition.
I say "Gesundheit". Someone asked me why I don't say "bless you." I joked that it was against my religion... It got me a giggle=) Also my stock answer to someone who asks me why I don't attend church.
I always say "Hail Satan!" when someone sneezes. the response is hysterical.
Ha ha! I like it!
Something tells me you're really good company. That's a fantastic response -- provided you're not, like, in a mosque or something.
I was raised in a secular home and I say bless you. No skin off my back. to bestow good of any kind upon

Although a Buddhist friend and I agreed to say Spaghetti-Os instead.
Why don't we say something after sombody coughs? Its all silly to feel a need say something after a body function. Should I say "congradulations" after somebody just urinated?
Good point.

Although depending on who it is, I might say "Damn dude, what did you eat?" after someone farts.
valid concern depending on how much baby they've eaten.




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