As an ex-catholic I'm very conditioned to see "god bless you" as a polite comment after a sneeze, much akin to thank you and your welcome. What the heck does the atheist say after someone sneezes? I suppose I'm just conditioned here, very deeply seated type thing. I still catch myself thinking after someone sneezes, "should I do it?"...hmmm? thoughts, comments?

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I was very much conditioned to do this response as well, like a reflex. Since I realized this, I just don't say anything. I mean, big deal, they sneezed. Or if I did get concerned, I sometimes say, "You ok?" Then "Thank You" and "Welcome." Same thing. I mean people do not really mean for God to bless those who sneeze when they say "God bless you." =)
exactly. But you excuse you and you ok just don't do it for me...i'm going to go with nothing haha XD
At work my catholic co-worker says it to me out of habit and then always says "I am never sure what to say to you" with a laugh. Happily she leaves out the "god" part. As an athiest it does seem a bit odd to say "god bless you" and I never say anything.
It’s only in the US that you stress the 'God' part, over here in Blighty, we only ever say 'Bless You'.... Which, when you read it as just words, has no religious connotations at all, in fact, it’s quite a pleasant thing to say to someone...
I had a chat about "bless you" online the other day. Apparently people get really annoyed when you don't say it to them. I generally do say bless you after someone sneezes but it is reflexive and sometimes I actually think before speaking and leave it off. I don't really care one way or the other, but really it is sort of a silly custom. I mean, we don't say bless you when someone farts right?
This issue arose in a Seinfeld episode (if for different reasons). When someone sneezed, Jerry took to saying, "You are so good looking." I always liked that.
My christian sister says that to me. We giggle.
I think this should be the new standard....
I like it.
Yeah, I guess that works. Though to a female... ummm, maybe not.
I recently said “Your God blesses you” to my friend. It recieved a giggle. I copied it from a Futurama quote when Bender says “Oh Your God”
I put OYG in my texts instead of OMG.




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