Someone knows EVERYTHING about you! And it's not God!

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Information is power.

With so much intimate and detailed information about all of us, available to government and companies who have no motive except profit..... Big Brother is here.

I don't know what, if anything, can be done to limit information hoarding by these companies. I am not doing anything I think is wrong, or even mildly unusual or in any way threatening - but I still don't think what I view or read or research, is anyone's business.

Imagine, if the next govt administration is Santorum, Bachmann, or similar. Creepy.

It may or may not decrease the flow of information, but I installed ad blocker, I'm using firefox instead of chrome, safari, and explorer, and I use duckduckgo instead of google and bing. I'm not on facebook. I quit ebay and all other social media, other than Nexus - can't live in a silo. Maybe it makes a difference, maybe it doesn't.


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SB, hate to say this, but I honestly don't think it does make a difference. I was at a seminar a year or so ago about electronic surveillance used by law enforcement.  My jaw hit the ground.  

The primary focus was on triangulating cell phone signals from various transmitting towers to locate a person when a particular call was made. All quite interesting, but nothing earthshaking as far as I could see. 

However, we then got to the point where the presenter (former Navy Intelligence - now consultant) mentioned how companies like Wal-Mart track you.  Suppose you go into a Wal-Mart in Casper, WY, buy a polo shirt, and pay for it with a credit card. A month later you go into a Wal-Mart in Orlando, FL, Chicago, IL, or San Francisco, CA, wearing that same polo shirt. Guess what? According to the presenter, they know you are back in one of their stores, due to a small chip in the shirt label. And now, with the revelations about the NSA, living in a cave or a silo, may be your only option.

And Disney wants to track its customers too.

Supposedly one of the hospitals where it used to work had the nurses wearing GPS devices so their supervisors would know if they were in the restroom, or out smoking a cig.  Or to find them when needed, which I guess was their excuse.  Now I guess it's tag the nurses with RFIDs.

Then again, I did have my dog implanted with an RFID in case he gets lost.

Pat you may be right that individual efforts can't slow down govt and corporate busybodies and spies.  I hope the individual can at least avoid too much snooping by the regular person down the street. 

I would like to amend your title to "Everyone knows everything about you" if they want to that is.  I do genealogy and enjoy researching all those who share a little DNA with me.  There is sort of an unwritten rule that only the older generations are published to protect the identities of the living. Well, that is easily bypassed with the aid of Google, Linkedin, etc.  I mean my kinfolk no harm, of course, but what if I did.

Having "everyone" know "everything" about me is what I want to avoid.  Probably not possible.

Yes - "Big Brother" is watching us.

Big Brother has out sourced all watching to a company in Bugtussle, Ala. 

My personal feeling is that American theocracy is not far off, wherein everyone not Christian will be greatly oppressed and maybe even violently acted against. Within the last two weeks Texas Governor Rick Perry was on the news saying that freedom of religion does not include freedom from religion. But what form do you think freedom of religion will take in a Christian theocracy ? My idea is that freedom of religion under such a scenario would mean only the freedom to be a Christian. What Government agency might even now be monitoring Atheist Nexus ? I'm pretty sure that Atheist Nexus or other atheist websites do not escape the notice of the far right wing in Washington, and possibly even the far right of local State governments.

This also may be the beginning of the end for theism.  It may become so very evident and obvious this is unlawful and unethical discrimination much like racial discrimination, that there is a backlash of reality flooding the media.  Rick Perry is no more qualified to interpret the constitution than any other Tea Bagger and he only "rules" Texas with his nonsense not the other 49 States and territories.  Of course, "they" are monitoring any information that is to their advantage but remember they are being monitored, also.

The thing is, though, Lillie, I've heard other far right politicians express Perry's same sentiment, that freedom of religion does not include freedom from religion. If the far right ever get their way, and it is possible they may yet, then all atheists will be greatly pressured to recant their atheism, and atheists and non-christian religions both, in America, will be greatly pressured to convert to the far right's idea of Christianity.

. "But what form do you think freedom of religion will take in a Christian theocracy"

Most likely it will be the Dominionist . IMO, one of this nation's more dangerous group of idiots.

I'd be amazed if "Somebody Up There" -- in the corporate universe -- wasn't monitoring this site, listing those who post, and categorizing us by various characteristics.  Of course, many of their suppositions are wrong; if I buy something for a friend, relative, guest, it goes on my list of favorites.  If I check something out of curiosity I'm probably listed as a fan.  I heard years ago about a guy whose girl friend loved to come to his place and watch old musicals via Netflix with him on his TV.  In no time he was seeing ads for items which appeal to a gay man!




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