Sometimes I wish I had no ethics so I could get rich like this guy did.

Here's a lovely piece of journalism about the neurosurgeon con man who wrote Proof of Heaven and now tours around selling his huckery for the sheepy masses. The article is well written and worth the read (best part: 'By focusing on the inconsistencies in his story, on recollections that don't seem to add up, on a court-documented history of revising facts, on the distinctions between natural and medically induced comas, he says, is to miss the forest for the trees. That's all misleading stuff, irrelevant to his journey and story.

Toward the end, there's a note of pleading in his voice.

"I just think that you're doing a grave disservice to your readers to lead them down a pathway of thinking that any of that is, is relevant. And I just, I really ask, as a friend, don't..." ')

At any rate, it reminds me that these hucksters have no moral qualms about what they're doing (or if they do, they squash it like a bug). If I tried to sell something that was so obviously a lie wrapped in a delusion rolled up in scam tied neatly with bow made of shinny shit I would hate myself. Otherwise I'd be out there pedaling my own give me your money scheme. Instead I'm here agonizing over how to start my own business the proper (aka legal) way.


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One of the stupidest things I can think of is having a personal experience, something which operates and occurs solely and totally within one's own consciousness, then for whatever reason assuming that said experience is somehow universal.  I mean, what distinguishes his experience from the dream I had last night or that someone else had 10 years ago?  Answer: NOTHING ... yet because he had a Near-Death Experience of something which reinforces his christian faith, all of a sudden it's proof positive of his god and the whole story behind it.

What a bunch of horse manure.

I loved that he got called out by the Dalai Lama. In public. With a finger wag.

Let's all convert, en masse.  Maybe it could happen while we are sky diving.  Or scuba diving.  Or at a pool party.  We could bring back the truth about Darwin's deathbed conversion.

They like to sell their myths and fantasy tales to sheep. The sheep believe and hand over their money.




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