Sorry for the Hype, But This Might Make You Laugh

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I'd fall down on my knees in prayer if it magically appeared on my torso! 

This made me giggle. Thanks for sharing, James.

Now THAT'S an idea!  Why not Twinkies with Jesus on them?  We could make a fortune.  We coulda been somebody.  We coulda been a contendah.

Okay, that's weird: the graphic shows up using IE, but NOT with Firefox!  [sigh] Yet another bug...

Looks like Adblock Plus is blocking it, as it comes from a Google ad.

Here's a copy of the graphic that should come through: Jesus riding a raptor! Thanks for sharing the laugh, James!

Jesus riding a lizard (raptor/dinosaur) - ad from 6dollarshirts.comThe comments on this t-shirt's page are the not-unexpected mixture of flaming and funny. I smiled at this one:

"Woo Hoo Jesus!
Now you ride that velociraptor all the way to Valhalla and smack the piss out of Odin.
Gitty Up!"


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