Inherent in all religions of note is the concept of a "soul".  This "soul" is separate and distinct from the human body (nonhuman animals don't have one).  It's the part of the human that is used to extend the human's existence beyond death.  Some (so called) scientists are purported to have found this "soul".  Much has been written on the subject.  Many millions believe in it, yet no one has ever been able to locate one in the human body.


Let's consider this for a minute.  When one dies, this "soul" leaves his body and waits around for a new body to enter. This new body will be created upon the coming of a miraculous deity. That means that some 200 billion "souls" are flaoating around waiting.  What's contained in this "soul"?  Since it's what is distinct about us, it has to contain all our memories, beliefs, loves and other stuff stored temporarily in our brains. These thoughts and such are simply pathways in the brain.  These neuron paths disappear within minutes of the brain dying.  They supposedly repose in the soul.


It's been calculated that it would take a massive computer to hold the  memories of just one human, yet the memories of 200 billion or so humans who have lived and died are available immediately upon resurrection.  The repository of these memories is the deity who will match them up to the new bodies as they are formed.


These "souls" occasionally get restless and go about haunting humans.  The search for these "souls" (otherwise known as ghosts or spirits) has occupied thousands of humans who purport to have seen evidence of them.  It's amazing that these ghosts only appear to humans who believe in them.





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