after several people have expressed interest in a meetup... i decided we should try to make something happen.

lets throw a date out there

aug 1st.

three weeks from today

now we have to find a location that is fairly close to everyone.

i live in anderson.
post where you live or where you would like meet below and we will all figure out a location together.
also if you need a ride let us know and we can try to do some carpooling.

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george, i'm in fort mill. i have no idea where anything is so wherever will work for me. aug 1st is a good start. let's see how many others will come together.
fort mill is about 2 hours from greenville ... about 2 and a half from anderson
Good to know there's another person from Fort Mill. Ted and I are in the area as well.
I'm north of Greenville in Travelers Rest. I can make it on 8/1.
well why dont we just plan for it to be in g-ville? are there any good places for us to get together there?
Well, we can find any number of places to meet, coffee houses, quieter restaurants (if it's afternoon, I'll have some good quiet places), even the library has meeting rooms.

I would recommend let's get a time set and figure out how many folks we have, then I'll put up a list of places to consider.

Also, I'll send a message to the whole group in case some folks haven't been online in a bit (Ian).
I'd recommend that wherever the meet up is decided to be that it be something relatively easy to find. Yes, we do have google maps to help with the problem, but it's much easier for those not from the area to find. Something off an interstate or a main artery road would be great.
We can make it that day if it's a family friendly event. I always have my kids in tow.
I am currently scheduled to be out of town from mid-July to early September. If this changes and I am in SC, I hope to be able to get to the meet-up. I have been to meetings held in several locations around Greenville and can report that Barnes and Noble's coffee shop is not a good choice. It is rather loud and there is a "goldfish bowl" effect in which the other patrons sit and listen to your meeting.

A better choice might be the Open Book. This is much quieter and more private. They have comfortable chairs and space for up to 10. We would need permission. If this seems a good choice, let me know and I'll talk to the owners. It is about 3 miles north of 85 on Pleasantburg road and can be reached without taking any turns.

It will probably be too hot for a picnic in the open or I would suggest some rather good parks around the area. A rather amusing idea would be to borrow a church hall.... but only the Unitarians are likely to be in the least bit cooperative.

From a logistics stand point, the restaurants on Woodruff road might be a good choice since they can be easily reached from 85 or 385. This would be the likely travel routes for many people. I'll go on thinking about this and see if any ideas come up as I drive around the area next week.

I hope to be here but the chances are slim.
Since most people don't have children you guys should go ahead and plan for a kid free event, and if we can find a sitter we'll be there.
I'm sure we can accommodate the kiddies, Donna. At least until we hit a bar after the meeting. :)
:) Whatever you guys decide. I just didn't want you guys to have to plan around us.




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