full episode linked. 

it was a great anti-religion episode last night.  a couple of highlights:

"Jesus loves me this i know, cause Republicans tell me so..." - Cartman

"so God makes it rain frogs, that's just mean to frogs" Cartman to Kyle

"that's how God is" - Kyle

the whole episode was Passover themed, so it's takes jabs at religion all throughout.  for any South Park fans it's a must watch. 

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I love South Park ... in fact I bought all the seasons of it on DVD. Now I have all of them!

I'm a huge fan! So cool that you are a fan too!

My favorites are the Goth kids!

Lol. Butters is my favorite. I stopped collecting the dvd's about 4 yrs ago. They're all available online now!

Hey Matthew! I love Butters too!

Yeah they are online .. but I wanted them on DVD. : )

The one with the bit of red hair looks like Robert Smith from The Cure... Love it!

Yeah awesome huh!

South Park does a great job of reguarly destroying all religions.  My fav was Cartman's christian rock band.  Butters "We're just pretending to be christians"

I loved that episode! That was such a good one. Of course I like all of them.

It was also a good dig on the yeti/sasquatch sighters.

My all time favorite SP line:

Dey took ewww jerbs

I laugh my ass of everytime I see that episode.

One of my favorite things about South Park is that the creators used to be Mormon. As PROUDLY being ex-Mormon myself, it just adds another layer of funny to it!

Why did God “harden Pharoah’s heart,” forcing him to refuse to let the Hebrews go, but then punish him for doing so?   “that’s just how God is!”

"We believe in a just god, He wouldn't slaughter innocent children" 

that was my favorite part of the episode.  so matter of fact.




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