Hey everyone. I am new to atheist nexus but have been listening to the atheist podcasts for some time. Finally decided to join the website they kept talking about.
So I live in the REAL southern bible thumping Mississippi Delta. I am a recovering drug addict (8 years) , a former smoker (19 days lol), and a knowledge addict. Some of my family know about my non beliefs but a lot of the people in my small town dont. 
I guess I am still somewhat in the closet around some people but very open around others. It is mostly when I get around older people that I do not let them know about my non beliefs out of respect. But... That gets old.
Just wanted to say hello!

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Hi. I do that too (don't talk about my beliefs out of respect...well actually it's more out of fear).

So it feels wonderful to be able to come here and say what is on my mind. Hope to hear more from ya.
Yea guys, It is hard to come out about the fact that we dont believe in God. Especially people like grandmothers and such. It is not so much that I am ashamed but that I fear hurting them.
Same story here - glad to know I'm not in the boat alone. I love these sites, and my atheist friends. It is so nice to be free with what I say, and be open. With my friends and family I can't - never will I guess. Like you I don't want to hurt them. I remember what it was like to believe all that so deeply. I know coming out will cause them so much pain and grief (unnecessary I agree - but worry is worry no matter how you paint it up.) Anyhow, i live for the times with my "other" friends! As long as I have that I can deal with the rest:)


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