I've noticed that there is no thread on this subject here. I have a website dedicated to Space Exploration and I'll try to keep folks here updated from time to time on some major discoveries and events.

Contrary to what you have heard on tv, space exploration is not being terminated, that's just the shuttle. I feel like I have to explain this to everyone, because most people seem to think that NASA is going out of business. It's not. Actually they have a number of exciting exploration missions, both ongoing and to be launched in the near future. ESA and JAXA are also conducting some small scale exploration of the Solar System.

Right now we have a spacecraft called DAWN that is exploring the Asteroid Belt. In fact, it has recently entered the orbit of Vesta, a proto-planetary world, sometimes even referred to as the smallest terrestrial Dwarf Planet. DAWN is utilizing radically new ION propulsion system, which will allow to exit Vesta's orbit in about a year and proceed to another celestial object.

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Great videos! Thanks for sharing!
I'm glad you're enjoying this. Another exciting area of space exploration is remote observation of extrasolar planets. These are worlds (planets) located in other star systems. It blows my mind away that just ~15 years ago we knew of 8 planets, now we know of more than 570 and this number will jump to a few thousand in the coming years.
Good stuff!! Thanks for the info. 

Note that there are 2 groups specifically dealing with space and astronomy:

Atheists for a Vigorous Space Program


They could definitely use more members and activity.  Also there's:

Atheists who love Science!



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