As I write, 6 of the blog posts are pure spam. 2 on hair loss, one on water softener parts, I forget the other 3. That's half of the front page blog posts.

That means that half of the blog posts at this moment are spam.

What can we do about this?

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You can't do anything unless you know how they are getting in. If Ning had any kind of reasonable logging, you could try and map the originating IP and block it. My understanding is Ning logging is shit. Are there any settings in captcha that can be tweaked to make it more complex ?
beats me.

considering what appears to be a growing volume of these fake members and posts, maybe we need a "report spam" button (or is there one?). Of course, then there would have to be someone at the other end to do something about the reported spam.
Top of page > About Us > Report An Issue > Click on spam circle > copy-and-paste URL of spammer's profile

Does it take knowledge of captcha to then block the incoming spam profiles? If not: I'm willing to volunteer time to handle them if we have a "report spam" button.
What can we do about this?

Wait until one of the spam catchers wakes up and deletes it?
seems like a superhuman effort!
Heh. Waking up? Yes. Every day I display my superhuman powahs!
This would be nice, but not possible at this time. Hopefully in the future it will be.
I'd like breakfast-in-bed and a heated deskchair, too.
We are currently removing 40 to 50 spammers a day. And for the record, Ning has implemented several "fixes" to keep them out. These work for a while and then the spammers find a way around it.

One option we have is to require approval before someone becomes a member. I have been resisting this because I want to allow nonbelievers to join and get active quickly. We could try it and see what happens.
Kudos to Richard, too, as he also deletes spammers.
I have looked at the supposed personal pages of about eight spammers over the last week. Many list themselves with a US city and state but with Malaysia as their nation of origin. Is this an automatic location setting or are they really so dumb that they keep putting Malaysia instead of the US?

Is there a setting that can make blog postings moderated until a poster has established themselves as legitimate? Perhaps the first blog post and first post to a forum need to be moderated. I doubt there are many spammers patient enough and smart enough to post an acceptable blog entry and to later come back with a spam posting.

The only good news is that the spam doesn't appear to be religiously inspired vandalism - at the least in the case of the pages I've seen.

This is not a lot of spam nor a lot of vindictive assault. (puts on gruff old Yorkshire man tone) Of course, we had it tough when I was a lad. We had a board for a website that seemed to be a magnet for malevolent and illogical bad spellers; If they weren't presenting ad hominem attacks or building straw men on the various fora, they were sending viruses to our server.





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