Will you learn it? Do you know how to speak it? In our area, i just heard about some school workers (bus drivers, cafeteria, faculty? - I was half asleep, but i remember it being school employees) having to learn spanish to hold their job. I'm seeing more signs at restaurants in spanish, like "order here" at Wendy's. At Walmart, i choose english or spanish at the self checkout. I have to say that i don't like it, and don't want to learn spanish. What's your opinion on learning spanish. Will you do it. Are you for it, against it? Also, i'm curious about what changes are going on in other parts of the country. Feel free to comment on that. examples: (road signs, store signs, job requirement, menu, non english speaking customer service workers, etc.)

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Nah, it's better summed up by the brilliant bumper sticker I saw: "Custer died for your sins".

JettaJameson wrote: No country in the world wants it's borders infiltrated by a group of individuals who make no attempt at fitting in. It's arrogant and rude.

Sure is! People from indigenous nations in the US would agree with you.
I took Spanish for two years in high school and picked it up again last year when I started college. For me, it's mainly so I can have an added job skill--bilingual health care workers are in high demand. But my college Spanish class integrated a lot of cultural study into the curriculum and I gained a lot of appreciation for the different Spanish-speaking cultures in the world. I'm sad that I won't be able to continue with my study of the language due to schedule conflicts, as I would love to eventually be fluent. I'm hoping that independent study and continued contact with my Spanish prof will help me retain what I've learned.

I don't know that I agree with Spanish being made mandatory, but I do think it's very useful to know at least one other language besides that of your home culture. I traveled to India a few years ago and the kids there put me to shame--some of them knew 4 or 5 languages almost fluently. I wish I had that kind of skill.
If 50-60% of my potential customers speak another language it would be foolish to resist learning it, if only for pragmatic reasons.
Actually, that's why I'm getting out of the retail industry and going back to school. In 2014 I'll have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Stoked.

¡Que tengas éxito!

Just kidding. ;)

Congratulations. I wish you success.
Haha! ;) Thank you, sir.
I can't understand why people -especially atheists who take pride in their rational approach to the world - would reject an opportunity to learn spanish. Learning another language is like discovering a new solar system with access to new people, new literature and music, new science and a new - sometimes disconcerting - perspective on your own culture and your place in it.

Nicely put.
What is wrong with an employer requiring that the employees of the company possess the skills necessary to accommodate the customers of the company? Have you walked into a Walmart lately? Once their company's customer base reaches 60% Hispanic you will have to hunt to find a sign printed in English.

In times of profound change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

Learn Spanish. Then just for the hell of it learn Arabic. That will come in useful in the future. Trust me.
*standing ovation*
berl wrote: in short!! if you can't speak the language of the country you're in,,,get the f**k OUT!

Should this also apply to people who don't write the dominant language very well?

Do you speak Choctaw? Cherokee? If not, then GTFO!
I really wonder how applicable the whiteys-coming-into-North-America issue is, considering that they/we we're basically kicking the shit out of every native they came across--no illusion of integration, just show up and take over, whereas the Mexican thing these days is about them integrating (on an individual basis, at least, though their communities will self-disassociate to some extent) into the society that's already here.
no, i'd never learn spanish. if a person comes to the U.S. the least they can do is learn our language.
they want to come to the u.s. for all the benifits ,but can't speak english ? come on people!
we pay taxes to take of people that can't speak english or contribute nothing to our society.
personally i think it is insane.

i'd never go to another country and expect that country to learn english just to accommodate ME.

in short!! if you can't speak the language of the country you're in,,,get the f**k OUT!
of course this is just my opinion.

I hope that this is an attempt at parody.




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