Will you learn it? Do you know how to speak it? In our area, i just heard about some school workers (bus drivers, cafeteria, faculty? - I was half asleep, but i remember it being school employees) having to learn spanish to hold their job. I'm seeing more signs at restaurants in spanish, like "order here" at Wendy's. At Walmart, i choose english or spanish at the self checkout. I have to say that i don't like it, and don't want to learn spanish. What's your opinion on learning spanish. Will you do it. Are you for it, against it? Also, i'm curious about what changes are going on in other parts of the country. Feel free to comment on that. examples: (road signs, store signs, job requirement, menu, non english speaking customer service workers, etc.)

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If it is, I've fallen into another sarchasm.
My wife is mexican and speaks fluent spanish but I'm agiest forcing people to learn it English is the national language and it should stay that way as it the international trade language.
Anyway where i live in Oregon its more slavic languages such as russian and ukrainan that are taking over and asian languages that said i think its important for people to hold on to thier customs as well as assimilate in the melting pot culture that of which is the USA.




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