I live amongst a predominantly Spanish-speaking populace. I had to learn Spanish to graduate from high school and just happened to remember most of it. My only two friends in all of Orange County, CA are Mexican-American and the older of them ONLY speaks Spanish. Neither of them are nontheists.

I continue to observe that the International Atheist Community is predominantly English-speaking; but are there really zero of us that speak other languages?

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La France, c'est le français quand il est bien écrit.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Well, I speak Spanish as well....and through the Internet I found two great Atheist (Spanish) groups; one engulfs most countries  from Latin America and the other is made mostly of Argentineans. Great groups so far.

BTW, the learning of Spanish in HS has nothing to do with the community where you live but with learning a foreign language. Any. I know this quite well. I am a Prof. of Spanish in NYC.

They are in FB




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