is anyone hated on for being atheist or anything else? I get it a lot and it makes me mad and kind of hurt because i mean no one excepts me outside of here. and i really don't have an outside social life I'm always online where i know people will except me for who I am. If any one has anything to share about this then please share We need to speak up in the world and be heard and not hated upon we are people to

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Skye that is a bummer that you feel isolated because of this. I am not in the closet and I have discussions with people which sometimes turn into arguments. However like you I think that it is important that people like us be honest so that more people will realize who we are and that we are decent people. As you have noticed there are still a lot of people who think atheists are evil.

I don't know what to say except to keep looking for people that you can be comfortable with, even if you don't completely agree with them. You need people in real life as well as on-line. You can and will find them if you keep looking. There may be people not as strong as you who would be willing to come out after they see you do so.
alot of people? i have almost an entire school of people that think im going to kill them in their sleep ironic huh? anyways thats good that im not the only one and i came out of the closet for being atheist in october so its been hard lately and i geuss it was just continue being that way
Hey Skye, have you thought about looking at ? there are tons of athiest meetings listed there. Including Mississippi. is banned from my school's internet
That is weird. It's generally a pretty mundane sight. Time to go to the public library.
Kiddie diddler phobia.
Mississippi Gulf Coast Atheist and Freethinking Association

Steve Schlicht and the Great Southern Humanist Society

Harmony Hall
2514 19th Ave
Gulfport, MS 39530
This is a private home or office

Next meeting: Sunday, 15 March, 3pm
Not many people in my country hate me for being an atheist. They just think I'm ignorant, deluded and immoral. Haha! They probably pity me!
i would go to the links but there banned at school so imma have to go to the library when i get m car back
I have been attacked on two lists for being an atheist..I would not back down though. On one list,the moderator backed me up,on the other,not st all. Both lists moderators are atheists as well.
Why not move away? You're over 18, right?
ill be 18 this july and i cant move anywhere i dont know anyone anywhere well i mean in person anyway i know lots of people just not in person.... sometimes i think it would be better to just fake being something im not to make everyone else feel better




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