is anyone hated on for being atheist or anything else? I get it a lot and it makes me mad and kind of hurt because i mean no one excepts me outside of here. and i really don't have an outside social life I'm always online where i know people will except me for who I am. If any one has anything to share about this then please share We need to speak up in the world and be heard and not hated upon we are people to

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Well,when you move to a new area,you will make new friends. Pick an atheist friendly area...Ask people here where they recommend.
I don't at all recommend trying to be someone you aren't. It won't work. I've gone through hell my entire life, mostly from family, about every little thing that has ever made me even the slightest bit different, but I have always, always, ALWAYS felt so relieved each time I quit worrying about what they thought and embraced myself instead, even with all of the pressure that decision came with.
no matter what happens in life one thing is certain outside of taxes and death. some people will find a reason to not like you for any reason they feel like creating. just don't let them tear you down because we both know that their thoughts have only as much value as you place on them.
That's so true...some people will always find a reason to dislike you and being a nontheist seems to make their dislike warranted!

One thing that's helped me in many situations is to keep things in perspective. High Schools are filled with insecure people hints. the cliques. Very few are comfortable with their own identities and many don't even know who they are as individuals.
So take very little of what they do/say to heart b/c most likely these people are projecting their negative feelings about themselves onto undeserving people like yourself.

Also, being nonreligious is a point of realization that most people will not enjoy in their lifetime! You are the one who gets to experience reality...the good & the bad. The bad is that you are surrounded by ignorant people who treat you badly/arent accepting of you but I'd say experiencing life without the chains of religion outweighs this temporary anguish.

All I can say is to discuss you position with those who are truly open to learn not those who are out to ridicule what they dont understand. And just kill them with kindness, this shows that although you have 'no religious values' you are still better than they are!
Best Wishes
Remember this doesnt have to last forever..Focus on how you're going to get out of that place and leave those idiots behind :)
Yes, yes, it's a problem. It takes a long time to get over the guilt, if you're a person who wants to be liked. A person really needs friends around them who they can be honest with.

That's why I recommend that atheists move out of the country and small towns and go to the city. Like what most gay young people do. Get out of the dark, go into the light.

When atheism ceases to be important at all, then you have peace. When it IS important, well, take comfort that it spurs creativity.



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