So has anyone actually seen this live in person? I'm thinking of going to a church this Sunday that I heard has it. Just to watch the wildlife.

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I think my 1st true step into Agnosticism/Atheism was when I was 13 or so, every summer I would go of to Pentecostal Camp with my best friend. Even though we were not a religious family, my mom let me go because it was something I seemed to enjoy. The few years there were fine, if you were under 13 a lot of the more structured stuff was held back. I remember very well the last day there they were encouraging everyone there who was 13 years or older to go up to the front and commune with god directly though tongues. I remember being very upset that I couldn't seem to communicate with this god that everyone else around me seemed to speak with everyday. I also remember very well being pitied by those around me, never went back. Permanently put me off of any organized religion, and defiantly planted the seed of doubt.
I am still mad at my mom for leaving me at the house of a crazy woman who spoke in tongues.
The bitch was our catechist when I was maybe 7, and lots of kids and I went (well, were taken my our mothers) to her house so she could indoctrinate us.
While in her house, she suddenly started talking nonsense and I don't know why it didn't scare me!!!!!
The bitch was crazy!!!!!
Couldn't my mom see that?
It would be funny to learn Arabic and not tell anyone. Then, go to one of those churches and when they ask you to speak in tongues, start bad-mouthing God in Arabic or something.
Oh, I like that kind of idea.
Ymay Igpay Siay UstJay IneFay.
Having seen and heard it a few times it always seemed like a form of mass hysteria to me.

The preacher would whip up the congregation into a religious frenzy of singing, clapping and praise the lord shouts then one person at an almost set moment would start the tongue wagging.

Others would then join in untill most people had joined. This would carry on for a set amount of time then slowly die out leaving time to finish the service.

I never once saw a person walk into a church or place of worship and start speaking in tongues or start during the quieter parts of the service.

Maybe God works in mysterious ways but he seemd very polite :-)



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