Speaking in Tongues: Demonstrating the power of hypnotic suggestion.

Having been involved in the Pentecostal pseudo-Christian movement and studying the phenomenon of Glossolalia ( babbling in tongues, thinking they are communicating with their god), From inside and outside, I came to a realization that it is all about the power of suggestion.

I've watched many times people introduced to speaking in tongues and also watching television hypnotists getting people to act like idiots and animals.

This brought me to the similarities between the two.

They are both products of the power of suggestion, and human's innate susceptibility to such hypnosis.

Some of us are less susceptible, especially those who consider what is going on critically.

This is a possible reason I was able to speak in tongues, but failed to believe that I was actually communicating with any supernatural beings and so, was able to walk away as I did.

Many others of which some were friends, could not walk away and became puppets of the hypnotist (pastor).

BTW: I proved in the Pentecostal church I attended that tongues were fake, as I was interpreted even when I knew I was deliberately faking it, as I could fake it and make it sound identical to when I was not faking it.  

My fake tongue speak was full of the F and C words, plus a smattering of fruit and just odd gap fillers.  

It's how to blaspheme continually in public and not get your blasphemy even noticed.  LOL  :D :D 

What was even more amusing was the entire congregation applauding and chanting "Praise The Lord" at my 5 minutes of loud, extreme blasphemy. :D :D 

Also I found that interpretation only bounds what the interpreter already knows about the person speaking in tongues, I lied to the interpreter's spies and those lies came out in the interpretation, so I knew it was not from any internal spirit, which should have been more truthful.  So he was guessing only and regurgitating what his accomplices discovered about me (my lies). 

A look at the Psychology of Speaking in Tongues.

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I still love the idea of showing up at a Pentecostalist meeting  and speaking in tongues - fluent KLINGON!

Qapla, motherfuckers!

Yep, do that, denigrate their congregation and god, I don'r know Klingon,but I loved disguising my attacks as tongue speak and get congratulated for it.

Lost count of how many times I've said Gawd is a megalomaniac c&*t and a Farking loonatic, and received a pat on the back, from believers.  :D   Who couldn't pick the words out clearly, as I used consonant sounds as space fillers. 

anuvaad kar pata lagaata hai ki hindee ke roop mein , lekin yah vyaakhya nahin kar sakata

I could never do it no matter what I tried. I never did "get the spirit" or "get the ghost." Very often I knew that others were just faking it. Many in this movement are conned and diddled.

For all I know " ho see con diddli eiy" is a pastor asking some woman for sex. No, it's a heavenly language they say. OK. So is Pig Latin.

For those who have been to meetings and they heard a visiting missionary speaking in tongues and that person said something in a language that they do not know, I have but one question. Have you ever heard of books?




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