Speaking In Tongues, Pentecostal Nonsense, Glossolalia, It's All Fake!!

I was a member in a Pentecostal church and I pulled a sting that proved beyond any doubt that speaking in tongues is a fraudulent, con job.

They have stopped the practice of having an elder in the church being gifted with interpretation by the holy spirit for this very reason.

Because it exposes them to discovery of their fraud.

I joined in the early 1970s and at the time they had somebody in the church who was gifted with the ability to translate the tongues of those speaking into English.  But I became suspicious about some of the practices I had noticed.

Because, the moment I joined the church, I suddenly had friends, which was too quick for my liking, this alone made me suspicious of being spied on.  As I know many groups like the Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons will get members to attach themselves to newcomers, for the purpose of reporting back to the elders as spies.

I had just come back from doing some street preaching for them when I overheard one of those spying on myself reporting to the elder about another new member she was set to spy on as well.  

So, I decided to set up a sting and prove them as being phony!

I lied to those instant friends about finding a job and a place to live. Then I planned my speaking in tongues, which I realized was nonsensical babble as my pastor and bible teacher told me it was ancient Hebrew, but I had a Jewish friend who could speak Hebrew, and he came to a meeting with me to check the babble out. He reported no Hebrew in anyone's babble (Glossolalia)

So I constructed a babble known to myself, with words like apple, banana, pimple, yudda, plus a smattering of the 'F' and 'C' swear words for good measure.

It sounded realistic, so the stage was set.

I knew the spies would report my false good news to the pastor.

Then came the church meeting where it was my turn to lead the speaking in tongues.

I made my composed babble and was quite proud of how authentic it sounded.

Then the elder with the gift of interpretation of my speaking in tongues got up and translated it as:

"Praise the Lord. Thank you oh lord for finding me a job and a new place to live, I am so grateful for your presence in my life!"

To which I immediately walked out the door, never to return.

The pastor stopped me in the street a few days later and tried to get me to return,

But I could never believe in them again.

Not since I exposed them as frauds and that they are using speaking in tongues as a false way to convince their flock of sheep, that they have the holy spirit and thus are ripe for a good fleecing.

Pentecostal churches are truly about stealing money from their following, usually in tithes, donations and they expect bequests.

Pentecostalism is nothing more than a SCAM!

I'll give two different arguments against speaking in tongues.

From a Theist:

Here's a Theist (silly creationist) deriding Speaking In Tongues.  

Here's another former Pentecostal Christian's view.

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