Alright... a bunch of you people here probably already have an interest in someone else here.  Lets dispense with the small talk and put it on the line.

Tell someone here you already might be interested what you think.



Heather, thank you for this forum.  If I was younger I would definitely say hello :)

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You know I just like to bust your chops Joe!  Besides, I thought you had a girlfriend anyway.
Heh, I know, I like abusive humor directed my way.  It amuses me.  I'm dating someone, but I'm available too.  It's a complicated relationship.
YIKES.....sounds like it!  You young people and your complicated relationships.....I can't keep up...

Was busy writing you an e-mail.  Not spilling everything all over the message boards.  :-P


And I'm not that much younger than you.  Heh.




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