Alright... a bunch of you people here probably already have an interest in someone else here.  Lets dispense with the small talk and put it on the line.

Tell someone here you already might be interested what you think.



Heather, thank you for this forum.  If I was younger I would definitely say hello :)

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Fun idea, but I don't know anyone *in* the forum, even a little bit.  I do agree that Heather seems pretty nifty though.

*sigh* i am hoping for the few who might be holding back


I'd like to think I'm too old to have a "crush", but there is one person I think is pretty cute who isn't in this group.  Don't seem to be anyone from North Mississippi in this group.

Apeman, can I respectfully suggest you put a real photo of yourself on here! The unfortunate implication of your name and avatar is that you're a big hairy neanderthal!

Now, I have reached the age where I've done pretty boys and they aren't necessarily particularly sexy, and some of them are vain and cavalier beyond belief. I like a  certain something going on physically but for me now, it's definitely what goes on in someone's head, a type of intelligence, wit, or a confident smile that can unexpectedly floor me (pun intended). But a picture can give information about someone's style. What kind of picture you choose can convey a sense of humour or whether you have a formal or casual style. It tells us how you wish to be seen. Information. 

I'm going to totally agree with Cheryl on this one!!!  I think we have drawn the same conclusion after our life experiences.  And yeah, would be cool to put a face with the person, ya know?
Hmm... two requests in one day.   I will see what I can do :)

Do you really think you could tell that much from my spinning polka-dot bowtie and red rubber nose?  :)

I am fond of my avatar.  When I posted it I was bald, now I have an average amount of hair for a primate on my branch in the tree of life.

I really don't keep photos of myself... I generally view myself from the inside and theoretically from the outside.  Maybe I will post a photo for a while...


Yes of course you self identify from the inside out, but you identify others around you, or in proximity by their face.  Obviously we know you are a cool moe foe, but it's nice to identify the unique face of this persona we have attached to you.  It's not so we can judge you or rate your hotness on a scale of 1 to 10. a photo :)  lol

Humans are a visual species, same way others go by smell (although we could cover that another time..). Initially we pick up clues about a person from visual information and it has been said we fall in love with someone's 'style', not just sartorial but the whole person. Like their 'flavour'.
I find when someone on a message board doesn't use an actual picture of themselves I make one up in my head. Can't help it. Often it's then a shock (could go either way) when I see them for the first time. We look for faces everywhere, in clouds, in the dark. We seek out a face to go with the words, or the sounds, or the unknown.
I don't really do crushes either.  It's too hard to tell from just online interaction.  You could talk to someone online for a year, then get together in person and find out that one of you seriously irritates the other.  I withhold any major feelings until I can be around someone long enough to get to know her.
Damn.....and I thought this whole time I was your crush....WTF, you tease ;)

Heh, like I said, waiting to see how well we get along in person.  I'll probably annoy the hell out of you in person or something.  :-P


Aside from that, yeah.  Love to see if we click, in person.




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